I’m sitting on this striped couch in a corner devouring the last quarter of the Choc- olate brownie with choco- late sauce as this league match draws to an end. Football seems to least interest me thanks to the dollops of ice-cream that woo my attention. I am at Gal- leria Café who I share an ‘unnamed relationship’ with. That’s because I call it Café Galleria and not the way the owners named it, and because I have never been to this place in the morning although I have already consumed everything on their breakfast menu in the afternoon. So, I have no clear idea of what I should be referring to it as. The best thing about the menu is that it is thoroughly worked out and very honest – a 100 percent café menu. No momo or Chicken Chilli stuff. The two page food menu is all burritos and wraps and sandwiches and salads and pasta and dessert.

My first call is usually the home-fried potatoes. They are half-cooked skinless potatoes transversely sliced and sautéed in butter with diced onions, to- matoes, bell peppers and gar- nished with herbs. The aroma is lingering and the taste very homely. As for the skins, they are deep-fried with half a centi- meter of the tuber still on. They are crisp, crunchy and my pref- erence over French fries. I call the cream on the skins a maver- ick accompaniment – maverick, Richard Branson type.

My personal favorite is Rosemary Chicken which is cherry-size chicken bits grilled and then marinated (yes, that is the order) in ginger-garlic shreds and tossed with rosemary which is complemented by a serving of fresh green salad. A variation comprises of boiled chicken which is dry and neatly done. And you know what, I love the tomatoes here.

The wraps are enormous and resemble logs of wood in the greenery of the plate. My cousin was telling me the other day that although the juicy taste does jus- tice to the appealing look, she finds them rather mundane. Af- ter having eaten it once, I don’t feel like it for one whole month – quote unquote my cousin. My tacos chips always come with an extra salsa dip. The dip is excel- lent - the chipotle, peppers and lime juice do the magic. On extra hot summer days, the tacos chips come from the fridge – cool yet crisp. The Nachos are covered with a cheese melt equally brilliant. I admire the color combination – golden chips  with white melt and red and green tomatoes and peppers.

The Cheese cake is a slice of heaven. If you are delicate enough with your fork, you feel like you are cutting through layers of cream – I know it sounds amusingly weird. I can bet on my taste buds that they offer the most engaging Cheese cake in Kathmandu. A word of caution – the slice is above-average size and as it is cheese, it could be quite heavy if you intend to have it as dessert all by yourself.

Galleria is my spot for both lazed-out talks and brainstorming sessions. Over the past six months, I have spent most of my weekends and finalized four deals at Galleria; and of course, never regretted it !