It’s the time of the year to stoke the grill and indulge in barbeque. If you are a hardcore meat eater, an admirer of barbeque and too lazy to do it yourself, here is a list of K town’s best Barbeque stations that serve you barbeque every day and every weekend. The tantalizing aroma and mouth-watering flavor of the barbeque of these placeswill leave you wanting more.

Weekend Barbeque

Gokarna Forest Resort

 Gokarna Forest Resort is the host to BBQ Brunch every Saturday with live music in their Courtyard Garden where you can enjoy the sun with good food. The Gokarna Forest Resort suggests you to get together for no special reason but just to celebrate good food, good friends and the barbeque season.

Contact: 01-4451212

Hotel Shambala

You can enjoy one of the best barbeques in town every Friday at pool side in the Cloud Nine Café and lounge, Hotel Shambala.  You can also enjoy your barbeque with live band performance and beautiful view of sunset from the rooftop. 

Contact: 01-4650251

GG Machaan

 The restaurant is built in a tree-house-like setting with bamboo furnishing in Jhamsikhel area. Barbeque happens at GG Machaan every day or as per order. The major specialty of GG Machaan’s barbeque is their sauce. The sauce is not bought, instead made of seasonal fruits and there is also a special vegetarian barbeque platter. GG Machaan is the best choice for meat lovers lolooking fotranquil environment  agreat

Contact: 01-5554291

Sam's One Tree

Sam’s One Tree is another place for daily barbeque.  The ingredients used in meat here is prepared with in house spices which makes the taste stand out.  The barbeque here is so popular that they are planning on going cuisine wise barbeque in a couple of weeks.

Contact: 01-4222636

Grill Me

Grill me is popular for grilled food in the heart of Jhamsikhel. It serves Steaks, Burgers and variety of grilled meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes and barbeque as per order. Grill me is also an ideal destination for vegan barbeque.

Contact: +977- 1- 5535294

Level 3

Level 3 is labim mall’s rooftop terrace restaurant. This terrace restaurant serves chicken and lamb barbeque daily. The rooftop ambience adds to the fun in barbeque at level 3.

Contact: 01-5536513

Shangri- La Hotel

Luscious crumb of mouthwatering taste of veg & non veg barbecues and camaraderie of a live performance by the most rocking female singer of the town, Ciney Gurung gives you innumerable moments of good time every Friday evening at the Lost Horizon café of the Shangri- la Hotel, Kathmandu. 

Contact: 01-4412999

Barbeque Courtyard

Barbeque Courtyard located at Lalitpur has the motto, ‘make your own barbeque’, a place where the guests can make their barbeque by themselves. The specialty of this place is the continental marinating, barbeque served with organic salad, bread and homemade mustard and chili sauce.

Contact: 01-5522083

Zen Bistro

 Check in to this place at Bansbari for some delectable Thai cuisine and barbeque daily at its outdoor. This bistro’s barbeque is something you can hardly around the city.

Contact: 01-4017654

Summit Hotel

 Summit Hotel hosts a classic traditional barbeque handed down by international Dutch chef every Friday evening.  The menu will please even the most skillful of culinary connoisseurs. 

Contact: +977 1 5555202