Visit here for yummy sandwiches, new burgers, and great coffee of all kinds!


The Mitini Café has been open for just over two years now, and while I’ve heard about it, it’s my first time actually here. The building, with its ample parking space decorated with Mithila-style wall art, is down a meandering Lazimpat lane.

Delicious updated menu
Some of the most popular items with customers here at Mitini are the sandwiches, particularly the innovative Chicken and Mashed Potato Sandwich, which apparently has quite a following – but we were here to enjoy some of the new choices on the menu. We began with the Cranberry Chicken Sandwich—in a word, delicious. The bread was the perfect combo of crunchy on the outside and fresh and soft inside, and the combination of BBQ grilled chicken and tangy cranberry sauce was a match made in Heaven. The filling was generous and juicy, and among our group it was the favourite of all the items we tried. These guys sure know how to make a good sandwich.

Then we moved on to another new menu addition – burgers. The Bulgogi Burger is a nod to the café’s Korean connections, a thick meaty buff patty marinated in the flavors of Korea—Bulgogi being a sort of sweet Korean BBQ sauce. Tasty and satisfying, this was a winner with the meat lover in our group, as it put meat front and center without a lot of other fillers. Yum.

The last burger we had was the All-in-One Burger, a hearty burger with all the trimmings: a buff patty gently resting on a large juicy tomato slice, gooey cheese, lettuce, onions, lovely sauces, and the best pickles I’ve ever had on a burger in Kathmandu. This one really ticked all the boxes for me, as it’s just what I think a burger should be: juicy, tasty, with the right combination of all the classic ingredients well featured. All of these dishes were served with a fresh salad, deliciously and lightly dressed with a balsamic dressing.


Some other great looking dishes include crepes—both sweet and savory choices—and an all-day breakfast. You can also choose a Mitini Meal, which combines your choice of burger or sandwich with a drink, an option that’s not only tasty but good value for money, too.


What would you like to drink with that?
In addition to all the usual espresso based coffee drinks, Café Mitini is particularly well known for some excellent drip coffee, which provides a good alternate coffee option. Other coffee choices available are French Press and the rather surprising cold-drip coffee method known as Dutch Coffee, which I have not seen in any other coffee shops in the city. Any serious coffee aficionado should take advantage of all the choices here and sample the variety and depth of flavors that come with these different brewing methods. Coffee isn’t just coffee, after all—a lot is in how it’s made.
But if coffee isn’t your thing, don’t worry; there are also some well curated tea choices, and during these warm days you might enjoy the juice, lassi, lemonade and the more original Homemade Appleade, which had just a hint of cinnamon and was delightfully refreshing to drink in the sun.


Décor & Vibe
We sat at the garden table, but there’s also a nice counter and tables under the entrance outside, and a large, and a pleasant room indoors, with parquet floors and large beautiful windows that let the light in.

The atmosphere here is relaxed and comfortable, the sort of place that invites you sit right down and take a load off. It’s a great place for lunch or coffee with friends, or equally ideal for reading a book by yourself or getting some work done online. The space is inviting, and I know that I’ll be coming here soon, because it’s just enjoyable.

There’s also room upstairs that can be rented for events, including a projector and all needed amenities, with catering provided by the café.


Unique business model
As a brainchild of the SEA (Social Enterprise Activation) Mitini is a based on a model often attempted but that I’ve rarely seen this well realized—a sustainable and clearly popular business that also functions as an instrument of social welfare and training for those in need, by providing skills and training to those who can really benefit from it. All the profits from the café and attached craft shop are used to provide vocational training to local women and young people. Some examples are their free barrista training, regularly provided to women, and recently also to a group of street youth from Pashupatinath.

And they achieve all this while providing great services and yummy food, too. In short, it’s a place where enjoying yourself helps those in need. If you haven’t been here yet, you should try it!