Himalayan Beanz’s new outlet inside the premises of Big Cinemas in City Centre has created a buzz among everybody, avid movie-goers in particular. Introducing their monsoon special Green Apple Milkshake, Himalayan Beanz’s mission statement for this outlet reads: “Now we are ready to serve the same taste and quality to the esteemed patrons of Big Cinemas”.

Situated on the opposite side of the ticket counter right outside the movie hall, the bar-like edifice is heavily furnished. The décor might look a little ambiguous since the counter is prominently brown and the heavy chairs, huge and red ones at that are placed on the way to the movie hall.

The entire corner on the left-side basically houses the Himalayan Beanz outlet and the attractive arrangement both in terms of seats and the counter constantly seems to be luring people into buying a coffee with tickets. The otherwise dark and dull-looking ambience has been made colorful with the use of eye catching colors.

Himalayan Beanz has already made a name for itself with its previous outlets at food court at City Centre, Civil Mall, Times Square Mall, and a flagship outlet at Thamel. Besides the organic tea from the eastern hilly region of Nepal and coffee beans variety that it sells to coffee connoisseurs of Kathmandu, it is also the authorized and sole distributor for Francino Coffee Machines in Nepal.

When asked why they chose to open another outlet here, apart from the already popular one at the food court, Operations Manager Suvash B. Shah said, “It is one of the favorite malls of Kathmanduites at this point of time. We also had to cater to the requests of our customers and guests who fancied the idea of sipping Himalayan Beanz coffee while watching movies here.”

According to Shah, the menu has been shortlisted with only 12 varieties available for a couple of weeks. Plans are on to add more to the list and it is only a matter of time before Bouddha, Durbarmarg and Koteshwor see the opening of other outlets as well.

Gone are the days when popcorns dominated the movie hall and theatre scenario. What with the fluctuating weather and occasional rain in Kathmandu, coffee is never off-season and now that Himalayan Beanz has its outlets almost everywhere, grabbing a cup of coffee seems like the most natural thing to do anywhere anytime.