Ghangri Café may be known for its open momos,UGG outlet store but there’s so much more to try


Following the sign for the Ghangri Café into the large parking lot,replique montre tag heuer past a futsal court and a beauty parlor, I wonder if I’m in the right place. I can’t see the café, and even though I’ve been here before,UGG online outlet it was some time ago. Then I see the doorway, and I’m in. Passing through it is like going to another world, one that’s peaceful and relaxing.

Suroj Rajkarnikar opened this place nine years ago after finishing his business studies. The restaurant business runs in his family,replique montre omega and opening the Ghangri Café was a great idea: it’s been popular ever since.

Delicious, affordable food

The café has a thoughtful,replica louis vuitton interesting menu with a strong base of Chinese and Indian food. I know—you’re going to order the open momo; I have them whenever I come here,montre de replique too, and they’re great. But if you branch out a little and try some of the other menu options, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The Chicken montre femme Lollipop was certainly a highlight – a generous portion of crunchy, sticky delight. The chicken was breaded and fried before being tossed in a rich, spicy tomato based sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. montre diesel The whole effect is finger lickingly delicious, and is perfect as a snack or appetizer, with a cold beer—or whatever your favorite louboutin pas cher drink is. Cheese Balls—oozy and crunchy—are also a deservedly popular menu item. ugg pas cher

We tried the Chicken Cordon Bleu; chicken stuffed with cheese, button mushrooms and chicken sausage, then rolled louboutin pas cher in breadcrumbs and fried till golden and crisp. The meat is deliciously cooked—juicy and tender without being dry, and the cheese melts with the other fillings to complement the chicken and make it something special. montre emporio armani

Again, the portions are large and this is enough for a full meal, but it’s probably better to share because you’ll want to leave room for other things on the menu.

Accompanying it are noodles, vegetables, and two sauces—one chili and one mayo based. While I preferred my chicken without the sauces, my dining companions raved about them, and I think it’s part of the café’s appeal that they make food that both stays true to its roots and also is subtly tweaked to appeal to the local palate.

What can I say about the open momo that has not already been said? It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve had them, you’ll want to order them again. It’s always fun to watch how your dining companions eat theirs: I’ve noticed that everyone has a way they combine the three sauces in filling up their momo for that perfect bite.

Décor & Vibe
Depending on your mood and your group, there are several good seating options: you could opt, as I did, for the couches with comfy red stripy cushions inside by the bar, itself a futuristic blue. This area is decorated with cool, trippy paintings of fish, bells, and bubbles by the artist Gajendra. The brick walls, lovely old-style tiles on the floor, and large open view to the courtyard complete the effect and make you feel like you’re out in nature. The courtyard itself is lovely, with tables overshadowed by a huge walnut tree and lush with dappled shade and greenery everywhere. It’s a nature lover’s delight.

For those seeking more privacy, there are also two floors of indoor seating that are decorated in a simple, rustic style.


Who’s here?
The Ghangri Café has a broad appeal, probably because the food is both tasty and reasonably priced, especially when compared to the good portion sizes.

When speaking about this, Suroj told us: “I wanted to make it so that everyone can afford to eat here. I’d rather have my restaurant full all the time than only cater to a few.”

Families often come, and during the day it’s full of young people—even college students can afford it—and as the evening wears on, the tables are filled by executives and couples or groups of friends relaxing. Tourists and expats are also part of the clientele—in short, there seems to be something for everyone.


Other details
Also, there is a large, spacious parking area, something that is getting harder to find these days; haven’t we all had the experience of not finding parking when eating out? It’s nice not to have to worry about that here.
The bathrooms are a pleasant surprise: basic but clean, bright and pleasant smelling, and stocked with all the basics.


In conclusion…
“There’s something here for everyone” sounds like a cliché, but in this case it couldn’t be more true: the variety of dishes and the care that goes into their preparation is sure to make everyone happy.
“People have this concept that we only serve momo,” says Suroj, “but we have so many other dishes they should try.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


The Chef recommends
Chef Tilak Pandey has been here since the café opened; his previous experience includes working in Dubai and Hotel Vaishali here in Kathmandu.
Chicken Lollipop
American Chop Suey
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Cheese Balls

Apparently the chop suey is one of the most popular dishes here, and many say you can’t find anything like it anywhere else in the city. The chow mein is also a hit, and we are told this is because of their noodles, which are custom made by a factory to the café’s exact specifications, and not available anywhere else in the market.