It is often rare to find restaurants that offer a fine dining experience as it requires a lot of knowledge, the right food and the perfect setting. However, some of therestaurants in Kathmandu have out did themselves for they have been able to bring the best cuisines in the classiest environments possible that could make any meal memorable.

Embassy restaurant

If a luxurious tour around the world is what you are looking for, Embassy is the perfect place to visit. Being a multicuisine restaurant, Embassy serves dishes from all over the world, such as Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian and Nepali. You could order a sushi platter as appetizer and an entire Chicken Biryani set for main course. However, the main aspect of this place is the setting. The place is so vibrant and full of life, they even played music when they had just opened and no customers were present. Along with their various food choices, they have seating choices as well. There are three major seating areas – one is the indoor seat where there is a stage that offers live music almost every day along with a bar. The second is outdoors, with or without roof. This place is classy and also perfect for a summer lunch/dinner. The last setting is indoors, inside see through glass walls and is the most posh out of the three. It has beautiful seating arrangements, which are perfect for a good dinner with families or even formal work meetings. Because of the wonderful varieties that Embassy offers, it caters to all of one’s needs making it impossible for us to think about going anywhere else.

The Old House

Old house is the epitome of fine dining for those who are looking for an elegant and beautiful place to eat with the most exquisite food that you might not find in any other restaurant. The main aspect of this experience is the intricate design on the walls and the appealing setting of tables and chairs with the best lightings. The food is equally scrumptious as it is not something that any other restaurants usually serve. The food consists of various flavors that compliment each other so well that will leave you wanting for more. A few of their specialties are the Salmon steak on a bed of asparagus with a vinegrette dressing which is absolutely to die for. It is cooked to perfection and the flavors are all very well balanced. For dessert we have an assortment of Madeline cakes and macaroons, which is perfect for those with a knack for sweets. With great food and the best environment for one to dine in, The Old House is a must for everyone who enjoys a fancy meal.

Durbar Restaurant

Located in the heart of Durbarmarg, Durbar Restaurant gives a unique fine dining experience in itself. First of all, the décor is amazing, which involves a classic appearance with a modern touch. Whether it is the vibrant tables or the energetic lights, everything about Durbar seems exciting and makes you feel exclusive. The relaxed ambience makes everything even better. The speciality of Durbar happens to be Continental and Swiss cuisine. The continental dish that arrived first was Chicken Steak. The moist texture of the steak happened to be very flavourful. The meat was extremely tender and soft. The gravy and the side vegetables were satisfying as well. Next came the Chicken Picatta, which is a Swiss dish. Picatta is an italian word that basically means sliced, sautéed, and served in a sauce containing lemon, butter and spices. The dish was true to its name. It was a very delicious item with a strong lemon flavor and a decadent cream. All in all, it makes up for an amazing experience that you can go and enjoy while listening to some live music!

Utsav Restaurant

For generations, fine dining has been connected to western cuisine and lifestyle. However, Utsav has made it pretty clear that we can have a proper fine dining experience with the most authentic Nepali cuisine as well. Most commonly known for its mouthwatering Newari dishes, one of the best items on their menu is the Khaja set. The khaja set is an entire meal in itself as it consists of rice, local chicken curry, green vegetables, papad, tomato chutney, mula ko achaar, chicken/buff momo, sadheko bhatmas, poleko aloo and a complimentary shot of Aila (Newari alcohol). The restaurant is mostly for people who wish to enjoy a good Nepali dinner in a sophisticated yet classy environment. Also, for your entertainment, every night there is a cultural show that takes place where people in Nepali costumes perform a song and dance composition to some well-known traditional Nepali songs. Even though there is just one dining hall (as they had to shift to a new building because of the earthquake) the hall is beautifully lit and decorated in a way that gives a heritage experience and makes you feel as if you are dining in a palace of the olden times. The ambiance is spectacular which further goes to show how authentic Nepali cuisine can become fine dining as well.