Some people may miss the secluded and small pasty and bakery house as they make their way into the bigger Casa Toscana. Right on the corner, Casa Panetteria – a branch of Casa Toscana specifically caters to customer’s sweet tooth. Available at Casa Panetteria are freshly baked breads, pastries and cakes.

Although Casa Panetteria doesn’t have seating arrangement as such, customers can enjoy their cakes and pastries on the premises of Casa Toscana. The bakery/pastry shop offers more than fifteen types of bread which include garlic bread, masala bread, multi-grain bread and French baguettes. Besides these, Panetteria also offers chocolate tart, apple pies, muffins and layered mousse.

All the fresh and sweet items are available at surprisingly reasonable prices. The pastries don’t exceed Rs. 80 while the munchy muffins are available at Rs. 65. The prices are reasonable, given that most of the prime ingredients in making these delectable delights are regularly imported.

Not only do they serve up the best of cakes but they also create designer cakes just for you. Give them the design in which you want your cake and presto! They will have the designer cake ready in two days. “We’ve tried to create something that no other pastry or cake shop in Kathmandu has previously tried,” comments Saugata Majumdar, the area manager of Casa Toscana and Casa Panetteria. Sandeep Rai, the chef who makes these unique cakes, echoes his thought, “We use a special kind of material – gum paste – to make the designs.”
What exactly is a gum paste? It’s a doughy mixture of icing sugar, eggs, liquid glucose and butter. The designs for these cakes are primarily made from molding gum paste into the required shape and putting it on top of a base. While choosing the base of the cake you want, you get flavors like crunchy choco Belgium, pineapple, black forest and café mocha. The designs all depend on the customer and Casa Panetteria even offers special designer cakes for adults termed “Naughty Cakes”. The cakes, which could feature pole dancing racy girls, are currently receiving a good response.

Along with the designer cakes, Casa Panetteria is also looking to bring back their photo cakes. The photo cakes use special machines to print the exact photos onto the edible cake. Currently, the price for these signature cakes amounts between Rs. 1,100 and Rs. 1,250 per kg. A minimum of three kg is required to make a designer cake. !