Weekend is synonymous with celebration. Everyone does a “plan"for the weekend. Well, by plan we mean overnight stays, long drives, picnics, parties, get-togethers, all of which,of course, are incomplete without drinks. But if you are among the abstainers who prefer not to drink alcohol, there are chances of you being called a party spoiler, and if you are hosting a party on weekend and ignore the non-drinkers,there are chances you being called a bad host. Either a guest or a host, you have a choice as we have come up with recipes of some of the most delicious and hydrating non-alcoholic drinks with the help of The Third Eye Restaurant, Thamel, that are as good looking to the eye and as complementing to the occasion as any other alcoholic drink.

Summer Blue Breeze

60 ml Real Litchi juice
90 ml Real Grape juice
30 ml peach syrup
30 ml Blue Curacao
Topped with lemonade
Glass used: Pousse Cafe

Litchi Paradise

120 ml Real Litchi juice
30 ml coconut syrup
15 ml grenadine syrup
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
Glass used: Colada


90 ml Real Pineapple juice
90 ml Real Orange juice
15 ml Real Lemon juice
15 ml grenadine syrup
Topped with lemonade
Glass used: Tall fitted glass

Peach Cooler

60 ml Real Orange juice
60 ml Real Pineapple juice
60 ml Real Mango juice
45 ml peach syrup
1 teaspoon tea drink
Glass used: Centro Hi ball

Strawberry Surprise

90 ml Real Orange juice
60 ml Real Strawberry juice
30 ml strawberry syrup
1 scoop strawberry ice cream
Glass used: Snifter