Summer calls for a chilling  glass of cool drink in your hand, to rejuvenate your summer spirits.

Guccha soda
The unique bottle with the blue glass marble, “Guccha soda”, is still a hit with the people of Kathmandu. This drink has been making its mark for more than 80 years now. It used to be famous amongst cine-goers of the city in the days before Coke and Pepsi took over, and when the alley where it is sold, led to the leading cinema hall of those times, Ranjana Cinema Hall.

Sugarcane juice
The juice extracted from pressed sugarcane is one of the most popular drinks in Southeast Asia. Found in almost every fruit/ juice shop in Kathmandu, sugarcane juice also has many health benefits. Sugarcane juice is also a natural energy drink. For the hot, humid, and hectic days of summer, this easily available drink sounds just right for this time of the year. Sugarcane juice can be found around the fruit shops at Sundhara, Kathmandu (near Civil Mall).

A drink, similar to a milkshake, made from yogurt. Blended, churned, and chilled with different fruits or spices, this drink is definitely the favorite of many. A chilled glass of lassi is one of the most refreshing drinks of the season, and it is also available in different flavors. This drink is not only popular in Nepal, but also in many parts of South Asia. Around Kathmandu Durbar Square is where you’ll find some great lassi outlets.

Fresh lime soda
As simple as it sounds, fresh lime soda is made with a combination of lime, salt, and soda. It is the easiest refresher to be found in restaurants around the city. According to preference, it is available in two choices, sweet and salty. People with a sweet tooth naturally prefer sweet lime soda, but actually, the salty one has more zing to it. This drink can be made at home with little or no effort. Adding a few extra slices of lemon does more wonders to this drink.

Mango smoothie
It’s the season of king of fruits, mango! And it’s time to enjoy them in every which way. You’re sure to get mango smoothies in most restaurants this season, and they are is easy to make at home, as well. Blend mango with a little bit of milk, honey, and some crushed ice, and voila! You have your own refreshing mango smoothie at home. A healthy option, other than the regular aerated drinks, to keep you fresh and energetic in the heat.