One of my biggest concerns while visiting Himalayan Java is the seating. Much of the time, the otherwise spacious joint is littered with people, making staying there impossible. louboutin pas cherSo, it is a good thing that they have been expanding. In a few years, we just might see a Java in every neighborhood of Kathmandu. 


As of now, Himalayan Java has a total of 12 outlets. One is housed in Washington DC,chaussure louboutin pas cher three are located outside the valley, and the rest, eight in total, can be found in and around Kathmandu. It amazes me to think that there are actually four Himalayan Javas in the same vicinity, and all of them draw crowds like kids to a candy store. A sure cause for this effect is their world-class coffee. A board at the Tridevi Marg outlet reads, „We roast coffee everyday!“ and according to Harish Bahadur Chand,ugg pas cher the Manager of Himalayan Java, every bit of it is true.

When Himalayan Java opened in the year 1999, becoming the first joint to specialize in coffee in Nepal, louboutin pas cher a lack of machi

neries meant that they had to use pre-roasted and grinded organic coffee. But with the rapid growth in the coffee culture of Nepal, they‘ve upgraded themselves technically and haven‘t looked back since.christian louboutin pas cher Its proof is in the rich aroma of coffee that fills up your nostrils every time you walk into the place. My favorite drink at Java during summer has to be the Blended Mocha. The perfect match between coffee and chocolate is topped up with a mountain of whipped cream and a chocolate wafer stick. The feeling of biting into a wafer covered in luscious, sweet cream is divine. Follow it with a long slurp of the icy cold drink and you are transported far away from the warm, sticky atmosphere. Do be careful too, a brain freeze is a high possibility most of the time.

 During the chilly winter or a pouring monsoon day, however, Honey
 Latte is a comforting friend. The warm,

 golden honey and coffee combo is blissful. Pair it with some biscotti and cookies from the pastry counter while you chat away with a companion, or read a book from the shelf. I find the small library, with books on sale, to be a very welcoming gesture. I don‘t mind spending a lazy day at Java, sipping on one of their 30 coffee variants, and neither does the staff.


Himalayan Java is a special place, a must visit for not only coffee connoisseurs but also for folks who enjoy a cup of coffee once in a while. And although people primarily visit the place for the coffee, their decadent pastries do deserve a mention as well. Java‘s Black Forest definitely compliments their beverages and their cheesecake has been winning hearts all around. Then again, nothing says „save room for dessert“ like a counter flaunting an assortment of dipped-in-chocolate goodies and jars filled with buttery cookies, and Java sure has one.