One of the famous dishes in Nepal which has made its mark by the sound it makes.
Hear it, See it, Enjoy it.

The loud sizzle comes from one corner of the restaurant as the waiter enters the dining area from the kitchen, with a smoky dish in his hand, makes heads turn and increases curiosity. The most attracting feature of a sizzler is the amusing and oddly satisfying sound it makes. “I would love to eat that sizzling dish,” a thought that probably comes on everybody’s mind as the dish sways across the room and lands on the table of a lucky customer who ordered it, But no one actually has thought about what, where and how has that sizzling, hot and smoky dish originated from.

The beginning of the sizzler probably goes back the “teppanyaki-sizzled” dishes of Japan. Teppan meaning iron pan and Yaki meaning grilled. The sizzle of food hitting an iron pan is one of the most common sound in Japanese cooking. Few years later, this sizzling dish started appearing in Bombay and became popular. A restaurant named “The Sizzler” was famous for their delicacy which featured mainly this sizzling dish. The restaurant owner, Firoz Erani said that the secret of a perfect sizzler, apparently depends on the precise temperature of the metal platter that creates the perfect sizzle. In perspective to the history of sizzlers in Nepal, Mr. Shyam Kakshapati, CEO at Nanglo Pvt. Ltd has made a huge contribution towards the popularity of sizzler. He says his first introduction to this dish was at a restaurant owned by an Italian couple in 1973 in Bombay. He said “my instant thought about sizzler, after I had a look at it and tasted it, was that it would be a nice dish to serve in Nepal. It was an amazing type of food back then. The sound it makes amused me and I thought this dish would be perfect for a cold country like ours, as the food on this dish remains hot till its last piece.” He also added by saying “Sizzler is still one of the popular foods especially in Kathmandu. And when I first introduced this dish, people felt the dish was very exciting by the sound it made, and since the customers were not familiar with its western taste of various sauces, it was something new for them and that must be the reason why sizzlers just took off in Kathmandu." Likewise, GG machaan, introduced sizzler in the year 2011. GG machan is well known for their sizzler. Mr. Raman, Manager at GG machaan  says “one of the most famous dishes is the sizzler. Usually most customers ask for a sizzler and compliment about our sauce”.

It would not be an exaggeration to state that the evolution of the sizzler is still on the rise in Nepal. New dishes stimulated by “sizzler” are evolving. Sizzling brownie with ice-cream a delicious desert inspired by the sizzler has become a delicacy. Also, the Nepali comfort food, momo has come up with a sizzling momo dish. With the cold season setting in, what better time then to grab a sizzling treat for yourself.