Since they were first served in 1941 in Mexico, margaritas have constantly evolved throughout the years and have become the first choice of many people. Made from a mix of tequila, lime juice and cointreau, margaritas are available in an assortment of flavors. Tapas, on the other hand, refer to bite-sized appetizers widely famous in Mediterranean countries and primarily in Spain, where they are said to have originated. Tapas are usually taken as snacks, during breakfast, lunch or tea and can be served either hot or cold.

Bringing these bite-sized munchies and smooth margaritas to the public is Hotel Yak and Yeti’s Tapas and Margaritas food promotion. With Executive Chef Krishna Kaji Basnet creating these delectable delights, the hotel is all set to serve up the best of tapas and margaritas. Asked why the hotel chose tapas and margaritas specifically, Surendra C. Thakuri, Associate Director of Sales and Marketing, replies, “We just concluded the Fusion Gourmet Steaks promotion at the Chimney Restaurant and we are looking forward to the Oktoberfest beer festival in September; therefore we thought of organizing a relatively lighter toned promotion and keep the place happening, hence thought that Tapas and Margaritas would be a perfect match for the season.”

For those looking for the extra spice and hot tapas, the hotel provides pickled tapas that are sure to satiate your craving while those who prefer the subtle flavors can opt for the bruschetta. Hot snacks like chicken liver wrapped in bacon, barbeque meat ball, spinach and mushroom cheese quesadilla are available while on the cold side, marinated artichokes, chili marinated stuffed olives and chicken ham in croissant are all available to choose from. The timing, 2 pm to 6 pm, has been set so that people can come in the evening, rewind and relax with good food and wonderful margaritas. The four different flavors of margaritas, namely, litchi, mango, mixed, and peach complement the small bite-sized tapas wonderfully and are a great combination.

Customers are served one margarita of their choice while they can have an unlimited supply of vegetarian and non-vegetarian tapas served on an open bar. Besides the occupant guests and locals, the hotel’s focus is on corporate houses in Durbar Marg and the setting of the venue, The Pub, is certainly apt for meetings. Flush with comfy couches and overlooking the tranquil garden and the pool, the venue plays as much a part in setting the laid back mood as the fares on offer themselves.

A margarita of your choice and unlimited bite-sized bliss will cost you Rs. 1000 (exclusive of taxes) while if you are in the mood for only margarita, it will be yours at Rs. 350 before 6 pm. Buffet servings of tapas are also available for Rs. 650. !