Housed in a small and cozy spot done in earthy tones and overlooking the busy traffic on the road outside, Roadhouse Café is true to the name when it comes to location. Done in a row of dark wooden furniture with pebbles incorporated in an interesting fashion, Roadhouse exudes feeling of the warm and the laidback in a clutterless manner.

I usually start with the Illy’s they serve at the open bar-cum-counter that doubles up as a dessert parlor. The easily navigable menu segregates the offerings for the benefit of the diner. Being the Italian place it is, the small portions served make a full course a desirable and surmountable feat.

The grilled goat cheese salad comes with a generous streak of reduce balsamic. The grilled cheese over bread is a crunchy affair, and when had with the balsamic is just magical. Slices of cucumber and tomato accompany onion rings, rockets, and carrot and bell pepper juliennes. Crumbles of goat cheese and chopped walnuts add that salty element to the otherwise plain greens. Another favorite would be the potato skins – sliced potatoes topped with tomatoes, olives and basil, and then grilled. The potatoes can get a bit stretchy but that is what the fun is in. Served with a dose of olive oil, the overall flavor is quite balanced with the starch of the potatoes countering the sweet and sour tomatoes.


5 Ws

Where’s it located?
Damkal Lane, Jawalakhel
What to wear?
Ultra casual not recommended
Why drop in?
The appetizers
When to visit?
Early afternoons to evenings
How much to carry?
Two thousand for two with
coffee and taxes

The spaghetti putanesca comes with bread and capers, basil, fried red chilis and tomatoes. The luscious spaghetti is abundantly covered in the subtle sauce and complemented by aroma of the spices and the herbs. The occasional sour hint of the capers with the red chilis gives the right blend of flavors and and aftertaste. Juicy is the word for the chicken burritos. Brilliant wraps abounding in chicken bites, greens and a heavenly dose of sauce satiate the ultimate foodie’s culinary cravings. Couple the wraps and the fries; and you get crunchy, juicy and meaty textures all together.


I love the pizzas here for the crusty base – a feature of
woodfire-oven baked pizzas, and quite a relief from the regular fussy dough. I don’t have much of a preference with the toppings though – anything works just fine for me. The chewy cheese set on a crispy base and garnished with dried herbs make for a great devour for the hungry and the discerning.

For the dessert, I prefer either the cheesecake or the lemon tart. The crunchy cracker base blends well with the creamy topping giving off a subtle flavor – heavenly. For those with stronger inclinations, I recommend the lemon tart. It comes with the sweet hint of the bread mingled with the tangy lemon rind – a great way to end a heavy meal.

Roadhouse has that been there, done that kind of air about it when it comes to Italian eating in the city. I wouldn’t say they are the best though, however, I am always in for some adventure at Roadhouse. If the momos are bad, don’t complain; ordering momos in the first place was your fault. A piece of advice – clarify the order in which you want your food served, or else don’t be surprised if everything else except the dessert turns up on the table at one time. !

Furnishings   basic and simple - the Roadhouse way
Ambiencee   rustic with a pleasant hint of natural light
Cutlery   they could use dessert spoons
Service   professional and attentive, better than that at Thamel
Restroom   love the tiles and the body length mirror
My rating   good for idle weekdays and work weekends