With late night matches being the bane of our sleep, it’s time to move on from beers and switch on to drinks that are more refreshing, easy to gulp, and in vogue,christian louboutin pas cher like the FIFA World Cup itself.

Since, the World Cup started, I have been living it up almost daily with late night matches in the company of friends and bottles of booze. And, of course,louboutin pas cher there’s been a considerable lack of sleep. As can be ascertained, heading off to work has been tough. However, I have realized that there are better ways of enjoying the game without having to drag myself to work the next day.

Beer is the drink of choice for most of us when to comes to enjoying the games. ugg pas cher But life is all about changes, and I feel beer tends to get monotonous. Keeping them chilled during the load shedding hours is a bit of a problem as well. chaussure louboutin pas cher Therefore, I have moved on from my love of beer and switched to an alternative that’s more refreshing and easier to gulp as well.

The World Cup has entered the knockout phases with only a few teams remaining. Thankfully, many of our favorites are still in the running - Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium to be precise.louboutin pas cher If you’re following any of these teams then these drinks should make the games even more interesting:


Cachaça from Brazil, tequila from Mexico, Jägermeister from Germany, or, if you prefer wines, Belgian.

The best thing about these drinks is that they help you stay awake which, considering the odd hours of the games, is of utmost importance.

Jägermeister is made with 56 herbs and is famous as an after dinner drink. It is known to help digestion. Since all the games start after dinner, the drink couldn’t be more perfect. In case you’re new to Jägermeister, try a Jägerbomb. No need be alarmed, it won’t explode in your belly: a Jägerbomb is simply Jägermeister mixed with Red Bull.

Similarly, what better way to start off the match proceedings than with a shot of tequila! For Mexico supporters, tequila can be consumed in numerous ways, including in the form of various cocktails - Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, Paloma, Brave Bull (kahlua and tequila), and Bloody Maria (tomato juice, tequila, crushed pepper, salt, lime juice, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce) to name a few. 


For Brazil supporters, there’s the country’s most common distilled alcoholic beverage, cachaça (sagatiba). And there’s no better way to enjoy it than in the form of Brazil’s national cocktail, capirinha, a mixture of cachaça, sugar, and lime. There are also other drinks you may want to try in case you get a hang of cachaça - raspberry capirinha, pineapple mint capirinha (pineapple, cachaça, mint leaves, pineapple juice), Greenline (cachaça, cointreau, basil leaves, brown sugar, apple juice), or cachaça with coke.



And for supporters of teams that are already out of the running, there’s no reason to feel left out. A British man who visited the store I work in yesterday was still supporting England. Even though his team was out of the World Cup, he bought a Gordon’s London Dry Gin for the final game. Now that’s what I call a true fan. No matter what the outcome of the game is, you keep faith in the team you support. For him, gin and tonic was the best way of showing support for England.


A few weeks with nail biting matches still remain, enough time to relish the classic drinks. For me, it’s cachaça all the way.