With its oriental interiors and a menu that boasts of fresh ingredients, The Venue Restaurant and Bar is a cosy place that you might want to visit the next time you’re in the Lazimpat area, and you crave for some authentic Chinese dishes.

Situated beside the upmarket Lazimpat road lies The Venue Restaurant and Bar. Entering the ground floor you immediately notice that the layout is somewhat different from most restaurants. For me it was a touch of familiarity, given my Singapore Chinese heritage, the small cosy rooms and the private dining areas all pay tribute to the modern Chinese styles of restaurants.


Why the oriental touch, you might ask, and it is simply because The Venue prides itself in serving an array of authentic Chinese styled dishes. Up, on the roof, there is a sheltered balcony for customers to enjoy dining al fresco. The green-tinted roof may not be the latest in architectural concepts, but it certainly lends itself to the relaxing ambience of the restaurant.


One culinary specialty which The Venue boasts is the fact that their noodles are made on site firstly ensuring that the artificial ingredients which come in factory-made noodles are not present, and that they are freshly prepared.
However, the downside to this special feature is that most people coming to a restaurant would not order the chowmein dishes which feature their trademark noodles. Granted that the egg chowmein we were served had all the subtlety of the flavours done right, I would probably have chosen a dish which I would not be able to find elsewhere.


The Szechuan chicken was a nice change from the usual Nepali and Newari flavours. The sweetness of the oyster sauce is married with the aroma of ginger and the fiery chillies which are used liberally throughout traditional Szechuan cuisine. I was dismayed however by the choice of using shredded and not diced chicken pieces. This meant that the chicken was too dried out from the stir frying process, and what little meat remained, was overpowered by the sauce ladled on top of it.



Look out for:
Chicken momo
Mushroom in garlic sauce
Szechuan chicken
Chicken chowmein


The chicken momos, however, are a delight, especially for those who tend to shy away from the usual masala spiced variety found throughout Kathmandu. Light and tasty, prepared in the same way which Shanghainese dumplings are, the momos were a joy to consume bite after bite.


With reasonable prices all along the price range, with the most expensive being a dish of garlic prawns costing a mere Rs. 520, The Venue is an affordable location to relax and enjoy some flavourful Chinese cuisine. !