With the heat waves reaching a new high and the temperature soaring through the sky, it is finally that time of the year again, Summer Time! Whether it be a break from the hectic shopping trips in Durbar Marg or a quick stop by after a movie at the QFX, summer drinks and coolers are undoubtedly a must in the heat of the summer. As these months of scorching temperature approach, it is essential to find the right drinks or summer coolers to help you combat the heat. From screaming toddlers to love-struck teenagers to old people, these thirst-quenchers are popular amongst all ages. As Kathmandu becomes more populated and new cafes and shops sprout every other month, it might be difficult to find the places for these perfect summer drinks. Fear not, a quick tour through the city helped us locate the right places to find these drinks, from Uttar Dhoka to New Road to Civil Mall. So, this summer, beat the heat with these cool summer drinks

Ranjana Soda
It is extremely difficult to find a person who hasn’t heard of the soda found in the Ranjana Galli of New Road, or maybe, even if a person like that can be found, they probably know the place as the “soda place in a New Road galli”. A place that is located, almost hidden in the alley, Ranjana Soda has been around in Kathmandu for over 76 years. So, surely, even if you haven’t heard of it, your parents or uncles and aunts must have. A popular hub during the summer - also for being located in the heart of Kathmandu, New Road - on any given day, Ranjana Soda is densely packed with customers. Rarely will you find this small shop not crowded with people or the owner not rapidly shouting out the drink orders. A place that offers over 44 varieties, including really interesting flavours such as guava, watermelon, alcohol and ice-cream, Ranjana Soda has also become increasingly popular due to its availability of medicated sodas. On average, 1500 bottles of soda get sold everyday; the number proliferates even more so during blistering weather. The most popular sodas include the lemon soda, energy soda, cola flavoured soda and so on. With the drinks being available at a comfortable price range of Rs. 30 to Rs.60, this place is incontrovertibly a crucial destination during summer.


Frozen Yogurt
Despite being a recent establishment in the city, Fro-Yo, as it is more popularly called, has already proved itself to be a promising and popular place amongst people. Lately, with everyone becoming more health conscious and jumping on the fitness bandwagon, this delight is perfect for indulgence on a treat day. Essentially, frozen yogurt is a frozen dessert made with yogurt and sometimes other dairy products. It is more tart than ice-cream and has much lower fat and hence, is also a perfect substitute for ice cream. There isn’t a more summer-y item than this frozen treat. With the combination of frozen yogurt- with flavours available in vanilla, strawberry, blackcurrant, mango and other- and delicious toppings such as freshly cut fruit, chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles and different flavoured syrups, this summer treat can be customised as per to the customer’s preferences and is available in different sizes as well. The fact that there are two places within the city that serve Fro-Yo makes it an even more viable option for a summer cooler. One of the places is located in Uttar Dhoka, right next to Baskin Robbins where you could possibly drop by and also get a scoop of ice-cream because come on, who can actually say no to ice-cream during summer? The other place that serves it is actually located in Civil Mall where most people seem to hangout these days. So, why not try out Fro-Yo this summer?

Janakpur Dahi Lassi
Although not as old and renowned as Ranjana Soda, the Janakpur Dahi Lassi Bhandaar in Indra Chowk has also been around for over a decade. This place is the go-to place for a refreshing and delicious glass of creamy goodness. Perfect for dairy product lovers, the lassi served here is simple, rich and creamy and is topped with raisins and cashews. Although there are no flavours or varieties available here, one glass of lassi will definitely have any one hooked and leave them wanting for more. This mere statement can be demonstrated by the fact that the shop is forever engulfed by a swarm of people and the servers are perpetually handing out glasses of lassi to customers, one after another. Furthermore, the fact that it is located in Indra Chowk means that it is convenient for people to stop by to grab a quick drink during their shopping trips. The Janakpur Dahi Lassi Bhandaar, on average, sells 400-500 lassis per day and is also at a reasonable price range of Rs.35 for a small glass to Rs.60 for a big one.


Bubble Tea
Following its name, Bubble Tea is indeed a tea base that is mixed with water or milk to which actual bubbles, which are in fact chewy tapioca balls or fruit jellies, are added. So, Bubble Tea is basically the wide variety of refreshing flavoured fruit teas that are served ice-cold. One of the best part about these drinks, well apart from the bubble, is that they come in exotic fruit flavours that are normally not available and some of the most popular flavours are kiwi, passion fruit, green apple and such. As freshly brewed tea is used, these drinks are healthy and are the perfect way to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. Located in Civil Mall and Pani Pokhari, this drink seems to have taken everyone by storm. So, move over trendy coffee drinks and milkshakes and make way for the Bubble Tea craze that is going on right now because once you try this drink, you’ll never settle for anything else.