For over a month now, Lorry’s Restaurant and Bar has been offering delectable food – which is its primary focus. “This restaurant was opened by people who go out and eat a lot,” says owner Bandana Pradhan Shrestha, “we know food and we know what people are looking for when they go out to eat,” she adds. Lorry’s currently offers Nepali, Mexican and Italian food, and claims to have the best home made pasta around.

“We serve generous portions and our food tastes good so that our customers do not mind paying the amount required,” says Shrestha. “Our service staff is amiable but not overly friendly. They are thorough with the menu, and can also recommend dishes when customers need help,” she adds.

The restaurant is a two-storied house with an indoor seating as well as a garden and bar. It exudes a home-like atmosphere – the kind of ambience that the creators of this place want to serve their clients in. “We want to make sure that this place feels like home to our clients. They can just relax and enjoy their meals. There are no loud and overdone decorations, we have kept this place simple,” explains Shrestha. A few vases and little showpieces along with a Victoria Station Railway clock makes for the decoration of the place. The white walls bordered with blocks of wood are occupied with neat posters of drinks.

Open for lunch, dinner and drinks, seven days a week from 1 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. it will soon be open for breakfast as soon as the weather gets warmer, Shrestha informs. Drop in at the Lorry’s for a quick lunch, a nice time with your family or to catch a couple of drinks with friends.

Don’t forget to ask who’s Lorry !