An eatery with traditional architecture, Tushita serves from many different cuisines without specializing in any particular. While the service is commendable and the ambience almost perfect, there is definitely some more they could do with the menu.

A traditional architecture flanked by huge glass windows and an interesting entrance arose my curiosity every time I passed across it; so I decided to barge in through the doors one day and check what it had in store. Segregated into a more formal dining area looking over the road, a relaxed mezzanine with high ceiling that looks over a lush garden right outside, floor seating right at the entrance and a dining section below the stairs, the place welcomes you with its well kept furnishings and a rare yet warm ambience.

Sadly, the menu is a disappointment to begin with. For example, soups have been mentioned under main course. There are some major flaws with the categorization in the menu and the fares are listed in quite a confusing manner. I strongly recommend some professional attention to the menu.

Anyway, while I browsed through the menu, I asked for some masala tea. Served in a small pot that serves three, the tea comes with a mild hint of herbs and spices. Great for cooler evenings, the tea is a good companion with a nice read.

The meat balls are larger than the usual sizes you would find around. Done in a mix of flour and minced chicken, the meat balls have a very mild taste to them – slight hints of ginger-garlic and almost non-existent other spices. I, however, like the mildly spicy tomato sauce these balls are mingled in. Had it not been for the overtly used flour, which greatly brings down the juice, these would have become exemplary snacks. With the chicken choyyela, the spices are well balanced to create that taste palatable to everyone. The mix is rather mild, seemingly deliberate to please a variety of palates.


5 Ws

Where’s it located?
Lazimpat, close to Shangri-la
What to wear?
Formals and non-formals alike
Why drop in?
The relaxing atmosphere
When to visit?
recommend early afternoons
How much to carry?
A meal for two comes at two thousand

With the main course, the ginger chicken is a good option. With portions of the aromatic rice, the gravy abounding in greens and herbs is brought to full justice. The aroma and juice of the rhizome are complemented by hints of ground coriander and adequate soy sauce. The succulent chicken fares sound when had in isolation or with the rice.
The specialty chicken dish named after the establishment is another mild yet interesting food. Tushita chicken is a hunk stuffed with condiments and herbs and covered in a mildly spiced batter. Though the batter is almost bland, and I am not a huge fan, the stuffing holds good surprise for the palates. Served with greens and an adequate portion of fries, it comes with a tangy dip to make up for the regular taste of the chicken in batter.


New Tushita is a place for those looking to endless hours working on their laptops or reading a book over cups of masala tea. With its cozy atmosphere and snug cane chairs, Tushita makes for a brilliant place to just lounge around and soak in the city cool. Multi-cuisine is not a bad choice but knowing what cuisines to play with is equally important. Of course, there are some safe options to play from and for Tushita, I recommend trying out novelty once in a while – that should be a respite for the regulars as well. From what I’ve inferred from my recent visits to the place, the clientele heavily includes foreigners and if that is the reason for rather insipid flavors, that’s really sad. !

Furnishings   snug and diverse enough to match all expectations
Ambiencee   greatly soothing, tailored for writers and readers alike
Cutlery   easy to use, could be better
Service   well mannered and professional
Restroom   clean enough with space for improvements
My rating   wish the food matched the ambience