Just opposite Laxmi Bank in Pulchowk there is a place that was formally inaugurated on 22 September but is quickly creating a sensation for its new taste. While food plays a big role in actually creating a good restaurant, there are other factors which today play equal and sometimes a bigger role. Like any new place, this café is growing everyday creating menus and adding items carefully but quickly to stand by what it begun in the first place. The history of the establishment of a place is just as interesting as the place itself and you cannot begin to admire it without understanding the value it holds.

SAARC Business Association of Home Based Workers (SABAH) Nepal is known to bring traditional skills of women of different parts of Nepal and converting them into products that are fashionable and market friendly. In a way, they bring to us the skills of women we would never have had an opportunity to admire. The Village is the newest venture of SABAH Nepal, and quite an impressive one at that.

The local women from villages around Kathmandu use their traditional expertise to create popular delicacies, be it Newari, typical Nepali, Tibetan or other varieties Nepal is known for. The highlight of the place however is yomaree. This Newari dish made once a year traditionally is available all times in the café and the taste is sure to be a hit.

The modest menu, with a reasonable price, is growing every day. These women might not be trained to cook but that is the beauty of The Village. You walk into the café and taste some of the most palatable flavors of Nepali food made just the way they were supposed to. These women have cooked all their lives and the food shows how cooking comes naturally to Nepali women.

Gahu ko salad or wheat salad is an interesting dish created with local ingredients quite exceptionally. There are few reasons people might speculate this place to leave a mark in Kathmandu. The first is its beauty in employing home based workers to create recipes that are local and therefore true to their essence. The second is its constant need to improvise and create a menu that is both diverse and traditional.

A tour of this place means running into products from SABAH Nepal. These products are arranged in rooms inside the restaurant and a quick tour shows the diverse use of Nepali products in creating some laudable products that range from bags to T-shirts to earrings and almost anything that women working with SABAH Nepal have the expertise to create.
“A lot of the ingredients that goes into the food are brought by the women themselves. So, these foods are delicious for a reason. We are also looking to creating an organic farm in the café itself so that we can grow our own products and use them,” shares Raji Dhital.

If you are always looking for new places to dine and admire, The Village might be what you are looking for. The huge paintings of local women engaging in domestic activities remind you of the value this place has. Visit this place if you want a piece of traditional food in its truest taste. Places like these are bringing our villages back to us and treating us with foods that have belonged to us for ages. If you are still not convinced, they claim to have the best Yomaree in town.