So after a really long time, I overcame my obsession with Thamel and trav- elled 276 bucks from of- fice for a lunch at Chopstix. My usual Tuesday consists of a late lunch and religious engagement back home after that.

Chopstix is what could be a really wise selection of a venue if I need to throw a party and the invitees can be segregated into three blocks – best friends, pest friends and guest friends. The interior is indulging enough to get you to sink in yet airy enough to not distract you.

As we set in for a full course, the first order was Seafood soup. Mildly done and generously served, the huge bowl isn’t still enough for the taste buds. Stir the soup, and the shrimps and fish start chasing one another in a roundabout of briny stock that smells of egg until they get stuck in the weed and get lifted on the spoon only to end up in your mouth with shreds of mushroom. Still miss the drama? Spice it up with vinegar then.

The starter was not over yet when the Chicken Dragon – chick- en shreds enmeshed in angel hair noodles and deep fried to an an- gelic reddish complexion – made it’s appearance. It’s done crisp and accompanied by a heavenly peanut sauce. Plus Chicken wantons. The menu read that the term wanton literally meant ‘Swallowing clouds’ – crunchy clouds in my case. Bite through the wrap and you have minimalistic spiced minced chick- en. As you get past the crunchy layer, the ginger-garlic aroma fills the mouth. The wan- tons are accompanied by a chili sauce and complimen- tary sauce.

The main course was Fish Tom Yum(mmm). It tops their list of sea food main course, and Lord bless my taste buds, so does mine. The sauce is luscious and spicy. The fish fillets come with beautifully shaped salad style car- rots and two-third heads of black mushrooms in a bowl; the accom- panying rice is enough for two.

Then there was fried chicken with fries and soy sauce. The chicken was touted to have been marinated in the Chef ’s special spices. The crunchy skin is rem- iniscent of Peking ducks and the inside is tender enough to be pulled with your teeth on the one end and your hand on the other. But then, you need a bird that’s fed on worms from the meadows right until it ended up under the butcher’s blade for stuff like this to taste heavenly. So, curse the bird or the one who reared it, I was not impressed. The fries were seriously crunchy, I admit.

All in all, at Chopstix, you’ll simply love the fact that even food demands attention, some serious attention if you happen to drop sauce-dipped parts on… well you know what. The best part is the sauce (not the ones that come in the bottles howev- er). I had had my share of disap- pointment though; an advice – don’t try anything that’s dipped in a batter. Even on a hot sum- mer day, I would love a service that’s warm. People with the most discerning palates come with the most absurd of man- nerly expectations. Please don’t disappoint them. !