A rustic hideout in the relatively quieter neighborhood of Kathmandu’s political hub goes by the name of Buzz. Spread across a mossy lawn, a hay-roofed shade and a typical traditional indoor area with an amusing-to-look-at bar, Buzz offers reminiscence of some of Kathmandu’s first restaurants. On the inside, an interesting display of drapery hangs over your head and wooden masks on the unfinished wall. If you ask me, I’m not really up for a seat under the shade and would rather prefer a table by the window indoors, thank you very much. If you like warm sun, settle in the garden.

The easiest thing to do at Buzz is perhaps ordering from the menu. If it’s your first time and you’re not sure what you’d like to have, just ask for the checked items on the menu – those would seldom disappoint you.

I generally start with the Chicken Club Wrap – a juicy devour of chicken, bacon, rocket, red lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. The wrap is adequately thick and pleasantly warm. It is accompanied by fries and a brilliant sauce, hence, be advised on the fat content.

5 Ws

Where’s it located?
Baluwatar, next to the organic
What to wear?
no specific dress code, I’ve
seen people turn up in formals.
Why drop in?
Bandel Sandheko, wraps and
When to visit?
Afternoon and early evenings.
How much to carry?
Fetch an evening for four with
3 grands, taxes included alcohol


The Fried Wantons here are traditionally shaped and mildly spiced. The crunchy wantons strike a heady balance between the ginger and garlic but again, they are a bit oily.
The ubiquitous momos have a twist to them with the traditional Nepali chutney as an accompaniment. The Nepali sauce is a blend of tomatoes, fresh coriander, garlic and timboor and has a texture generally achieved through grinding in traditional stone mortars.
The momos are mid-sized, mildly spiced and make for an approvingly filling snack.   
For those in love with boar meat and for those who can tell the difference between pork and boar, I recommend the Bandel Sandeko here. The first thing you’d notice about the boar is the beautiful manner in which it is cut – layers of fat and meat. The onions, tomatoes, ginger-garlic and lime juice create a juicy mix.

If you fancy Enchiladas, go ahead. The luscious dipping of red chili paste and melt of cheese is a bright sight. The taste doesn’t betray you either. I love the herbaceous sumptuousness of celery and rosemary and the engaging punch of roughly split black peppers as I chomp through the savory chicken. A small portion of steamed rice helps balance the relish if the spices are too strong for your taste.   

My Verdict
Because Buzz is a hangout spot and doesn’t have any specialty on offer, give and take a minuscule Thai menu, the food wouldn’t fetch extraordinary ratings. The service staff are cheerful and amiable though the service itself needs to be revamped. For example, I’d love it if my table is rid of crumbs once my plate is cleared which doesn’t happen and for the ones obsessed with untouched-by-hand experience.Absence of trays is a big sore. However, the most horrendous of all service malpractices is that the spoons and forks are not cleared with each plate. Rather they are most (un)graciously lifted from the plate and laid to rest on a side plate in expectation of reuse for as much food as you have in one sitting.  

At Buzz, you may let afternoons slip into evenings and not worry, the menu has a combination of snacks and main courses. I, therefore, recommend Buzz for extended hangouts. It’s not bad for solo hideouts either. In fact among the places I oft-go to, Buzz makes me feel the least worthless when alone. There are lessons the service staff need to learn though – they are just too casual, not with the patrons of course but among themselves; if you didn’t know it guys, workplace camaraderie backfires on efficiency.  !


Furnishings   Simple yet comfortable
Inside outside   A mossy garden, creative indoors
Cutlery   need to improve on forks, knives, spoons, glasses and napkins
Service   Good enough if you ignore the knife and fork faux
Restroom   Guys wouldn’t have all they might need, I like the walls though
My rating   Good at what it claims to be good at