Amazing dishes created by chefs from around the world form a delicious rotation on this exclusive, limited time menu.


The Soaltee Crowne Plaza’s Garden Terrace Restaurant recently began a special three-month event featuring food from all around the world, with the menus and recipes created by some of the world’s best chefs and then meticulously executed here by Executive Chef Yuba Raj Pokhrel and his team. This promotion is being held simultaneously at all of the venues in the Intercontinental Hotel Group (IGH) in the Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia. There’s a new menu every two weeks, and Modern Indian, Australian and Thai have already been featured; the day that we arrived, it was the turn of Singaporean Chinese delicacies in the form of dishes created by Chef Sam Leong.

Our meal started with the Chef’s signature Wasabi Prawns and Tempura Lychee Stuffed with Crab Meat. I was intrigued with the unique and flavorful combination of the stuffed lychees—crunchy outside, sweet fruit, with a heart of spicy, succulent crab meat. The dish was a great, unexpected combination of flavors and textures that kept me going back for more—including the sweet chilli dipping sauce it was served with. Wasabi is something I really love, and combining it with prawns was a winning idea, as the heat balanced the sweetness of the prawns so well. These are elegant, refined appetizers and I’d recommend getting several for the table to share so that you can taste all of these uncommon dishes. And I can’t forget the presentation – when food is this beautiful it adds immeasurably to the pleasure of eating.

For our mains we tried both the Wok-Fried Chicken and the Braised Egg Noodles—the chicken was particularly well spiced and delicious, succulent morsels chock full of nuanced Chinese flavours. The large, generous serving of noodles was also tasty, though I found the flavors less original than the other menu items.

We were so full by now that I thought I had no room for dessert, but I’m glad I didn’t skip it – the Mango Pudding is a moist tender cake served with poach pears and a fantastic sweet-sour mango sauce that really tied the whole thing together. A great dish for all of you with a sweet tooth!

There’s also a special wine pairing to go with the menu, with several choices that best complement each dish and a second glass of wine free when you select the three-course menu.

Next up on the list is Japanese cuisine, with dishes by Michelin two-starred Chef Takagi Kazuo, followed by a special bakery event, and concluding with Rustic Italian. If these are tastes that excite you, don’t miss these not-to-be-repeated menus.


A Chef’s Tips for Top Dasain Barbeques

Executive Sous Chef Rajeev Shrestha has only been at the Soaltee for a short while, but as an expert Nepali chef he’s already made a name for himself for his skill with meat. Dasain is just around the corner, and amongst the many good things to eat that are part of the season, spicy, tasty meats of all kinds are certainly a highlight. Here are some of his suggestions to make your barbeques even tastier.

Use wood to ramp up flavour. While quality charcoal is essential, Chef Rajeev Shrestha also suggest using some special wood chips—such as hickory or rosewood, to name just a few. These may not be easy to source, but if you come across any, even a few mixed in with your other fuel can add a unique taste and that special “something different” to your barbecued meats.

Marinate your meat. Mutton is a great grilling choice, as is poultry. If you choose chicken, leg and things pieces are best. Marinating your meat well in advance will make all the difference. Chef Shrestha suggests a marinade rub made with the following ingredients: garlic, ginger, mustard oil, chilli flakes, a little bit of lemongrass, salt, timbur, tumeric and mashed coriander root. Papaya, pineapple or a small amount of nutmeg are also excellent as meat tenderizers, and you can add one of them to your marinade if you like. After a few delicious test runs you’ll find the flavour combo that you enjoy best. Combine all the ingredients well and use enough to coat your meat completely.

If there’s time, marinate again! After 12-24 hours, the meat will have given off a lot of water. If you have planned well enough ahead, drain the liquid off and repeat the marination for an even more tender, flavourful end result.

Grill your vegetables, too. While meat is what people most often throw on the grill, don’t underestimate vegetables. Flame kissed veggies have a delectable, delicious flavour and texture that can’t be beat. The Soaltee Chefs suggest green corn on the cob or taro slices; this sticky potato is amazing grilled. And some of my personal favourites are sliced eggplant, zucchini, or bell
peppers. Yum!