The Smarter Entertainment Weekly

Setting Baking Standards

The customers these days are more conscious and choosy about bakery products than before. We cater to their increasing standards and demands, trying to offer as much variety as possible

Exotic and Legendary

To give me a taste of a true Singapore Sling, he took me to the place where it was invented – The Long Bar at Raffles Hotel

Reflections and Resolutions

What’s a five course dinner without cheese? Expect an imported cheese platter with caper berries and crackers. Ending off the satiating night will be a tricolor chocolate truffle with berry compote an...

Drinking Games Best Avoided

Hopefully readers of High Spirits will recognize the fact that I am not one to condone irresponsible drinking

The Art of Cooking

Making delicious food with flamboyance is a skill that comes with practice and experience. At The Village Cafe they serve just that.

Making Merry in Kathmandu

Here’s a glimpse of what Kathmandu has to offer, as far as Christmas delicacies go, to cater to the various traditions of the Kathmandu denizens—locals and the numerous other nationals

Bloody, Bloody Sangria

At the very beginning of my career, I had very little knowledge about drinks. In fact it was so bad that I thought there were only two types of wine: red and white. The current me is utterly embarrass...

For You from Vietnam

So popular they expanded into Saigon Pho from Upstairs Cafe, it is easy enough to understand why

Does Size Matter?

The United States has a problem: the size of their citizens. While developing countries can’t seem to find a means of keeping everyone well-fed, many Americans are eating too much. To make matte...

Busy Buzz

A traditional outlook with a modern heart, Buzz Cafe has been making a buzz around town for all the good reasons.

Tapas Stories

Revelling in the joy of eating in the company of friends-find out what tapas is all about.

Drink the Pain Away

Ouch!’—the aching expression is what follows the strong throbbing in your head as you wake up in the morning. You stink all over, especially your breath, and your joints ache, your muscles...

The Negroni

Florence, Italy. The year is 1919. You and I sit on uncomfortable mahogany bar stools behind a small

Fish Galore

Living in a landlocked country, we have limited seafood options—whether it’s the availability of canned and frozen stuff in stores, or what the restaurants offer among their

Brave New Tipple

Imagine an alcoholic drink completely free of any ill effects. A universal panacea that induces feelings of well being, relaxation and happiness yet leaves not the slightest trace of a hangover.


There is a tradition that is very close to the hearts of the French people: “l’apéro”. Translated literally to English it would mean appetizer. The rite of the aperitif comes...

Carrie and the Cosmopolitan

I vividly remember my first experience of making a Cosmopolitan; it was the first drink that I prepared without any errors