The Smarter Entertainment Weekly

Controversial Mai Tai

When I was growing up, I never saw myself working behind bars - when I say that, I mean liquor bars.

For Men Like 007

ke many around the world, I have grown up watching and admiring James Bond.

When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do

A Roman vacation to explore the city through a culinary lens takes a group of five on a journey, and brings to you ‘food tales’ from the Italian capital. The appointment with my friends w...

Drinking in the Motorized World

I hear the Five-O have recently introduced a zero tolerance drink driving policy in Kathmandu and are actually being quite strict about endorsing it. I know that because I was drinking chyang for lunc...

Smoked and Notorious-Sukuti

Sukuti is popular among the locals but visiting tourists seem to be cautious about our version of smoked meat.

BEER: Body And Soul

My friend Nicola rides his brand new supercharged Vespa scooter so fast that I barely manage to stay on the seat.

Rakshi in Bouddha

I have a friend called Sonam. He’s a mischievous person but also intelligent, generous and kind to children and animals which is always a good sign.

Spilling Italian Beans

Kathmandu is now on the Barista Lavazza map! Surely, the first thing you're wondering is

Relax and Unwind

A spot where you can catch up with your best friends, enjoy a good meal, chug some beers and have a laugh - Zaika in Thamel as we learnt is more than just your average eating joint.

Caipiroska - A Saviour

A barman on a cruise passionately talks about a favorite concoction and an almost-disastrous incident the drink led to!

The Spirit of Jerez

Being a Shakespeare character, Falstaff puts it rather more eloquently: "A good sherris-sack hath a twofold operation in it. It ascends me into the brain;

The Blooming Epicurean

The Garden Terrace, at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza, famous for its extravagant buffet spread has just introduced their a la carte menu and Chef Yubraj Pokhrel gives us the inside story on how this amazin...

Spirited Away

A regular weekend turned into a hazy disaster thanks to the help of some generous friends and way too many cocktails!

Cupcake Craze

Cupcakes are the ultimate modern-day dessert because they are easy to make, the varieties are endless and they make for delightful gifts too!

The Food Act - Star Diets

It’s needless to mention that actors have a hectic lifestyle. Mostly, their days are caught in a frenzy of shooting schedules or promotional events.

Be Contemporary Go Local

Our culinary identity can emerge from our local ingredients. So, attempting to go totally authentic is not only difficult, but I'd say even conventional.

In Defense of Alcohol

Though alcohol does have the burden of an ill-practice attached to it from some social perspectives, the author justifies why he indulges in writing about alcohol.