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The Art of Tasting

The long minutes of just watching the not-even-full glass, smelling it for really long, and describing its bouquet before finally tilting the glass for the precious liquid

A Family Diner

Tucked away in a cozy spot in Gairidhara, is Alice Restaurant, a multi cuisine restro-bar that takes pride in being an eat-out venue for the entire family.

A Fruity Fiesta

With the onset of the mango season, Executive Sous Chef Yubaraj Pokhrel at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza envisioned something spectacular - a mango food fiesta!

Go Herbal with Liquors

With their slightly sinister dark color, their medicinal flavors and their sharp bucking after taste, herbal liquors of the bitter variety are certainly an acquired taste.

Schwarzwalderkirschtorte or Black Forest Cake

Why learn to make your own Black Forest Cake when you can easily buy one in most bakeries of Kathmandu? I would just say one thing to that: try this recipe and you will never want to buy a Black Fores...

Salute and Other Traditions

Italians and wine- the coupling goes way back into antiquity. Roman Gods were worshipped with wine offerings.

An Italian culinary tour

At the table with good friends and family you do not become old." Thus goes one Italian saying and if meal

Satiating appetites @ The Factory

Fr!day brings five contributing writers together to share an evening of anecdotes and conversation while they taste what The Factory has to offer.

Whiskey Intricacies

It is said that Queen Victoria's favorite drink was a glass of claret topped up to the brim with a few dashes of whiskey.

Influential Spirits

We all prefer to have untarnished images of leaders who are burdened with immense responsibilities because they hold the power to affect others’ lives.

A Pleasant Buzz

An effort to blend a bucolic theme of thatches and the sarangi's melody with a contemporary transnational cuisine sampler for a menu promises a pleasantly mingled experience.

A Tryst of Flavors

Fusion flavors and a jungle theme-GG Machaan's unique approach to stand out in the Jhamsikhel crowd.

Gin - Eliot's Inspiration

The juniper berry spirit and concoctions Only in recent times has Gin managed to shake off its reputation as an insalubrious form of alcohol. Due to its relative cheapness, for the best part of two c...

The Language of Alcohol

Booze, hooch, red eye, juice, fire water, brew, sauce, dram, skinful, tipple, spirits, refreshment, lash, toddy, sharpener, liquor, moonshine, grog, bevy, swill...