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Artichoke-a Vegetable with a Heart

A package of health benefits and even believed to be an aphrodisiac, artichokes have been consumed for over three thousand years for its healthy advantages.

Baking -No Boundaries

Layered, soft and buttery in the inside and crusty on the outside - the croissant at Hygiene Bakery definitely tastes different.

Around the World in 80 Cocktails

The exact origin of the first mix of drinks is truly impossible to trace. Every country, every culture created its own specialty not only in cuisine but for drinks too.

Leg of Lamb

NATHALIE GASS lives in Kathmandu with her husband, a Swiss diplomat. She has traveled extensively with her family over the last 23 years.

An Adventurous New Year Celebration!

Give 'Borderlands Eco Adventure Resorts' a chance to make your New Year Celebration a memorable and fun-filled one this time with a grand party.

No Leftovers Left

The fate of your leftover food - be it chicken from last night's dinner or mithai from a festive celebration at home - doesn't have to be the dustbin or your pet’s feeding bowl.

Cooking Bird Flu

You hear the news on the television or it might be the dailies that break the news to you, and once more you strike chicken off the options for work lunch outside and you won’t bring home any chicken...

Vodka - 'Little Water'

There's only one bottle of vodka left; I don't know what to do," wrote Peter the Great to his wife in 1716 during a state visit to Paris.

Celebrating Saint Patrick

Considering Christianity is a monotheistic religion, it's interesting that there is a Christian saint for

The Fat Doc

I have been fortunate enough to have had, for several years of my life

A Chinese Flavor

The interesting dilemma of this restaurant is that the building does not emphasize on its chosen cuisine

Imagination in layers

The idea itself of mixing drinks to get a better one is what makes cocktails such a great discovery.

The Taste of Lorry's

For over a month now, Lorry's Restaurant and Bar has been offering delectable food - which is its primary focus.

The Dry Martini

To fully understand the Dry Martini you need to view it within its own context. According to the English comic novelist

Electric Pagoda

Located off the main stretch of Thamel, the Electric Pagoda is tucked away in a corner far away from the bustle and noise

The Story of Spirits

Since the process of fermentation is so straightforward, alcohol can and does frequently occur in nature all by itself, without the meddlesome help of human beings.

The Rather Chinese Venue

Situated beside the upmarket Lazimpat road lies The Venue Restaurant and Bar. Entering the ground floor you immediately notice that the layout