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Dark Sense of Intoxication

For a second when the lights go off, it's a surprise and then as if out of conventions random rooms light up again.

The Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is a much loved cocktail, relied on across the world to lift the spirits on the morning after a heavy drinking session.

Fine Dine at Road Station

In place of a small khaja ghar in the Lazimpat lane, right opposite to the Standard Chartered Bank, now stands an elegant dining space which aims

Passing Strange

Most people go to their regular bar, meet their regular friends and have their regular drink

Beer Intricacies

Easy to find and simple to drink, beer is a common favorite. But, how good are you with the details? Find out about the categories, color, ingredients, and even the politics of beer.


On 11 November 2011 at 11 am a new lovely cafe place opened its doors to its customers.

Food is Fun

The Garrulous Foodie loves being served. And after more than a year of eating out at the most-talked about tables in the city,

On Offending Chefs

You either have to be insane or have suffered through ordeals of the chef's life, to write an article of this nature.

Avocado- Healthy Fruit Butter

Introduced to most through Mexican cuisine, Avocado is a fruit with many health benefits and a beautifully mild flavor.

Flavors at Kathmandu Grilled Chicken

Roasting meat over fire without using oil or fat and letting it cook in its own juices, rotisserie is a healthy style of cooking meat. You can enjoy this healthy yet delectable treat on either side of...

Doing the Doodle Rum Doodle

The trekker’s ultimate stop in the Himalayan country has amazing fares and drinks on offer. And you could still go there even if you are not a summiteer yourself.

The Local Flavor

Variety is the spice of life. That's what the Fat Doc used to tell me between frothy mouthfuls of extra strong lager beer

Drinking Writers

Drinking has always enjoyed a special relationship with writing. Why this is the case is not immediately clear.

The Hangover

An analysis of the aftermath of drinking and its various forms, this article wraps up what hangovers can be like with their distinct effects and possible results.

Hot Cocktails for the Winter Chill

You don't have to freeze away with those chilled drinks this winter; just brew up some hot favourites that have been around as traditions or tailored concoctions from around the globe.

Drinks of the Ancients

Although the history of alcohol dates as far back as the cultivation of crops, it became invariably attached to mysterious rites or victorious celebrations

Pasta Your Own Way

There is a new place in town for all those pasta lovers – with a fast service and affordable rates, Vostro Pasta gives you the option to customize the pasta recipe to your specific liking.

A Casual Affair

Cibo at Pulchowk looks like your regular diner. And it is, in the sense that it serves simple and unpretentious food, yet the delightful fares are sure to satisfy even the most discerning of palate...