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The Urban Hideout

An eatery with traditional architecture, Tushita serves from many different cuisines without specializing in any particular.

The Village Cafe

SAARC Business Association of Home Based Workers (SABAH) Nepal is known to bring traditional skills

House of Class

Casa de Cass has a rather modest appearance from the outside. Done with wide translucent glass panes,

Oktoberfest @ Yak and Yeti

Oktoberfest, a festival synonymous to beer, food and merry making, was first celebrated in 1810 to mark the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen.

Will Wine in Food Get Me Drunk?

I have this close association with wine, thanks to a particular incident in my life. Once when I was an intern at the Inter Continental in Geneva

Tapas Fun

You should visit Manny's once it gets dark. The lights guide you right from the main road to the entrance of the tapas bar and eatery. Don't be surprised if you are received as soon as you reach the e...

Pastries Galore

Some people may miss the secluded and small pasty and bakery house as they make their way into the bigger Casa Toscana.

Mediterranean Meals at The Olive Garden

The Olive Garden at the Radisson Hotel, a favourite of corporates and families alike, has the perfect ambience for to discuss a business proposal or share a meal with friends.

More of Himalayan Beanz

Himalayan Beanz’s new outlet inside the premises of Big Cinemas in City Centre has created a buzz among everybody, avid movie-goers in particular. Introducing their monsoon special Green Appl...

Another Culinary Chapter

Spread across a sprawling lawn and variegated indoor seating arrangement, Chapter 9 is an impressive spot

Holy Vegetarians

Of late, I have been serving guests from traditionally vegetarian communities, and whenever they ask whether I use separate oils to deep fry vegetables and meat, I say, "Yes, this has been taken...

Electrifying Electric Pagoda

Situated quite literally at the heart of the party hub that is Thamel, Electric Pagoda reminds you of how a bar and eatery should be.

Tapas and Margaritas

Since they were first served in 1941 in Mexico, margaritas have constantly evolved throughout the years and have become the first choice of many people. Made from a mix of tequila, lime juice and c...

Flavors of Italy at BuKeba

Italy is going to soon attack The Organic Village Café, popularly known as Bu Keba! The rich flavors of the regions of Italy will soon be joining forces to take over pages of the restaurant&...

The Italian Way

Housed in a small and cozy spot done in earthy tones and overlooking the busy traffic on the road outside, Roadhouse Cafe is true to the name when it comes to location.

Garden of Gourmet

At the end of a street in Jhamsikhel, you come across this stone temple and a small welcoming door with the sign Jardin.

Get Hooked to Brown Sugar

Never has the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" been more apparent than with the new café at Jhamsikhel, Brown Sugar.

Dining at Degaa

Degaa is place of contrasts, pleasing ones definitely. It is discovery of sorts when you climb up the stairs to the third floor of a building which housed a college earlier, in Kumaripati.