The Smarter Entertainment Weekly

Black Magic Beans

Though I am not quite sure about the year, I guess I was in grade 5 when soya milk was launched in Nepal.

An Eye Half-Opened

So there is this place which goes by some sort of dual names - one name from the front

Culinary Strolls

Adistressed hunt for a place to eat takes us one day to a compound with a gate that reads

Balsamic Kaafal

Ingredients 200 gm kaafal 1 tsp chili flakes 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar A pinch of chat masala Salt to taste   Method Take a mixing bowl and throw in all ingredients. Toss with...

His Exquisite-Ncy

An old sign post that shouts amusing absurdity, a plump guy with whiskers,

Sea Buckthorn Juice

When I first heard about organic products, it sounded like a pain in the neck to me.

Newly Dis-Appointed

Huddled up inside a cozy corner in the Sagarmatha Bazaar is a place that's in a jazz mood

Tattoo my Steak

This issue is dedicated to glorifying ink. Suddenly culinary terms hit my head hard and I find

The Pub with a Class

The menu with a mix of Irish, Nepali and international fares kindly draws attention to the

Fiddlehead Fern Niuro Ko Saag

Step 1: Batter Ingredients: 200 gm black lentil 100 gm yellow lentil ½ tsp finely minced ginger ½ tsp finely minced garlic Salt and pepper to taste Method: First ta...

Gundruk Reincarnated

Be itGundruk ko Jhol ra Bhuja or the zesty Sandheko Gundruk, Gundruk is one veggie item that

Bhogate Sandheko With Strawberry Compote

Prep time: 17 minutes Good for: family of 4 Ingredients Whole Bhogate ( Peeled and shredded) 5 tea cups water 5 tbsp icing sugar 100 gm strawberry  (rinsed well) 3 tbsp refined m...

Goodies for Foodies

Secluded from the surroundings by palatial walls lavished with green creepers and a huge

Crab Gairikhet

Ingredients 200 gms of crab meat 1 tbs of mustard oil 5 seed of fenugreek seed 1 tsp of chili flakes or 2 dry chilies 1 tsp of turmeric powder 1 tsp of white pepper 1 tsp of...

Hakka Noodles

Whenever I have to come up with an interesting food story, I usually get inspired by things

The Carnivore Carnival

Some spies informed me of this place in Jhamsikhel that smells of meats cooked atop coal fire