The Smarter Entertainment Weekly

Lhakpa's Chulo

The city was a furnace the afternoon I drove my cravings to the most repetitive address in my

Garden of Plenty

When I set out to write about Jardin, I realized that I had been to this place so often

House of Music

I always cherish waiters, no matter how disdainfully I am treated because they are a

The Korean Everest

Quartered in the ground floor and spread across the lawn inside the compound walls of a Thamel house

What Happens in Pizza Hut

Though invitations keep flowing in,'Happy' birthdays are hard to come by these days - happy is the

Raison d'etre - Bagel

To our nation it's like having Biryani with fork and knife. "When a friend of mine said this to me

Black Pepper

As dusk falls and the last of the bright red hues of the evening sky disappear, the soft warm glow

What's Buzz Buzzing With?

A rustic hideout in the relatively quieter neighborhood of Kathmandu's political hub goes

My Italian Love Affair

Welcome to the part of the world where cherubs pee a fountain of water into a miniature tub and