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Yum Organic - Bu Keba

The wraps are the chef's specialty - light wraps served with a delectable filling on a

Know You're From Kathmandu if

Kathmandu denizens identify to the city for a number of things - food being the dearest and the most essence-ial attachment of all. You're not from Kathmandu if you've not partaken all of these:

Chinese, anyone?

Atypical setting that specializes in food and only food - Chinese - is next to the Skoda Showroom in

The Oriental Bit

An enclave of a kind in Jhamsikhel goes by the name of Chai Chai. A small yet complete


The first time I heard the word Tamarind,my inference was 'An Indian Place'.Last Friday

Attic Snacks & Spirits

So I finally managed to drag my friend to Attic Bar for a Friday night out and his first reaction

Cafe Soma

In a space that already existed, a makeover that extended to name and ownership resulted in Cafe

An Informal Affair

"In wine there is wisdom,in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria."- Benjamin Franklin

Vesper Laidback Lavishness

i love surprises only if they are pleasant. So last Friday,when somebody asked me out on a lunch date,I was surprised but still not sure if I loved the

Need Pepping Up?

When they ran a cover on Black Pepper, I wished to run an undercover. So I did with a twist

Give' Em Dingo

After a demanding day at work,I decided to reward myself with good food. So I escaped the

Lhakpa's Chulo

The city was a furnace the afternoon I drove my cravings to the most repetitive address in my

Garden of Plenty

When I set out to write about Jardin, I realized that I had been to this place so often

House of Music

I always cherish waiters, no matter how disdainfully I am treated because they are a