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The Indian Cook

Bawarchi is a name that is familiar with many Kathmanduites. After having successfully run two outlets in town for the last 19 years, they are now in Jawlakhel to give the locals a taste of their famo...

Let's spice it up

A new trick for your drinking indulgence -spice infused beverages.

Bliss in a cup

How this year's strawberry harvest ought to be devoured

Winter delights at the Hyatt

The delicious and varied winter menu at Rox Restaurant is available for a few more weeks, so take advantage of it before it's gone!

Dine like Royals

In the heart of town, between Marco Polo Hotel and Siddhartha Bank in Hattisar, we climbed to the top floor to check out The Dart Aalishan Gajal & Lounge Bar

A cup full and a 1/2

A cup of coffee at Cafe Mitini, can help invigorate you and someone besides you.

Tapas, tapas everywhere!

Picture a perfect soft-shell taco—the thin round covered in shredded lettuce, a tomato and chili salsa, strip of fish

Where Japan and Nepal meet

Nano Hana Garden has delectable Japanese and Nepali dishes, and a hot tub that’s not to be missed!

Breakfast all day long!

Cafe Soma has done us all a favor by opening another quality café on the north side of town

Good vibes, great food

Bricks Cafe serves up the perfect fusion of traditional tastes and modern cravings

Good ol' Bourbon!

Jack Daniel's is synonymous with American whiskey, and it is extremely popular in Nepal as well. But there’s more to American whiskey than just the old JD.

An Organic Symphony

When I was done eating at Ratomato, I turned to my photographer and said, “This is my new favorite restaurant.” Here is why.

An Elephantine Quest

A red-blooded male travels across the city with a bottle of Amarula Cream, a "girly" drink, in the hopes of making it manlier

The Perfect Marriage

Nothing befits a summer evening like a tall glass of chilled beer. Couple it with a big cut of juicy meat and the night will be as good as it can get.

A warm hug from Russia! Vodka straight up!

My trick to making sure I don't get very tipsy, or end up having unpleasant feelings, while drinking on an empty stomach is making sure I have a lot of tidbits between my vodka shooters.

More than Momos

Ghangri Cafe may be known for its open momos, but there’s so much more to try