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Good vibes, great food

Bricks Cafe serves up the perfect fusion of traditional tastes and modern cravings

Good ol' Bourbon!

Jack Daniel's is synonymous with American whiskey, and it is extremely popular in Nepal as well. But there’s more to American whiskey than just the old JD.

An Organic Symphony

When I was done eating at Ratomato, I turned to my photographer and said, “This is my new favorite restaurant.” Here is why.

An Elephantine Quest

A red-blooded male travels across the city with a bottle of Amarula Cream, a "girly" drink, in the hopes of making it manlier

The Perfect Marriage

Nothing befits a summer evening like a tall glass of chilled beer. Couple it with a big cut of juicy meat and the night will be as good as it can get.

A warm hug from Russia! Vodka straight up!

My trick to making sure I don't get very tipsy, or end up having unpleasant feelings, while drinking on an empty stomach is making sure I have a lot of tidbits between my vodka shooters.

More than Momos

Ghangri Cafe may be known for its open momos, but there’s so much more to try

Shaken not stirred

Gin, it must be said, is not for everyone. Unlike Vodka, which has no flavor of its own, gin makes a statement with its flavor and aroma and holds its own in the court of drinks. This distilled spirit...

Fine dining at Mulchowk

A special day with a special someone? Head here to be pampered. Cheap sunglasses fifa coins Neckl

Create & Consume @ Monin Studio

Monin Studio is located at Greenline Centre, Durbarmarg. Its chief purpose is to educate people about the proper way of consuming alcoholic beverages.

Flavors of Thailand !

Thai food items are being introduced for the first time at Reef, a restaurant that has been revamping its menu with multi-cuisine dishes.

The Entrance to a New Experience

Searching for a new restaurant in Patan? Somewhere that's peaceful with good food and a traditional atmosphere? The Entrance Cafe might just be the place you're looking for.

A Venetian Magician

Suresh Waghmari’s decade plus experience working in India, replica watches uk Bahrain, and the U.K. have all contributed to his stellar standing as the Corporate Chef of Little Italy Kathmandu....

Going the Extra Distance

Coffee Talk is a total coffee experience with signature concoctions, in-house baked bread, cake and pastries, and fresh herb-based sandwiches.

Good Times

Tasty food, a relaxing atmosphere, and fusion music in a cozy, old-style courtyard in the heart of Thamel.