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Give me 2 Minutes

For those who keep track of my little indulgences in this section, lately I have been reminiscing about my rum-fueled adventures in Delhi

Under The Jolly Roger

Behold 'tis winter; a time when the heaters come out of storage, when the heftiest blankets are your best friends and drinking rum is mandatory, especially on a cold night on a rooftop, awaiting a met...

Welcome To Walter`s

Walter’s Mitho Mitho is a little taste of Bavaria in our own backyard. It has a blissful dining space with a fine ambience and ample space for you

Moving In

It's a takeover -the Chervil Restaurant is offering pizzas, pasta, good music and more. While it's taking baby steps to start out

Health Benefits to Raksi!

There is a reason why alcohol is such a strong part of most cultures. Take a walk with me to know more.

Hot Winter Wonders

It has been a bone-chilling winter lately. The foggy days witness the temperature dropping down dramatically. Most of us are keeping warm under heavy blankets in comfy pre-heated rooms. Some of us nig...

My Bias Choice

It's hard to stay subjective when my first visit has me enamored with all of Mezze.

Wedding Nuisance

It's that time of the year... the entire town is getting married. Close to half a dozen weddings of cousins and friends came with joy and merry

Reaching Towards the Sun

Jhamsikhel welcomes its newest tenant - Sun Cafe and Bar – which is honestly taking a while to heat up. The next time you’re in the area, do look out for the eatery to catch a warm and honest to goodn...

A Free Club

See, our stomach is like one big club where lots of things can happen. And, as you very well know, clubs have security that prevent unwanted elements

Second Times the Charm

After closing its doors for a few months, Faces Lounge and Bar is back and it's bigger and livelier than it was. An exceedingly popular eatery and hangout spot

Running From The Gods

You learn something about yourself not when you are self assured, but when you look back and recall your own instinctive reactions whilst in a susceptible state

The American Experience

Capital Grill is all about the food. Their menu is a mix-match of American classics and the venue, a refreshing recreation of the American diner.

A Crutch For Courage

Some say it’s not too hard to do something that is absolutely petrifying. That it isn't too difficult to face your fears and overcome an innate phobia

Kashmiri Offerings

Kakori is a North West Indian specialty restaurant located inside Soaltee Crowne Plaza that occasionally stimulates the crowd with unique offerings like the recent Kashmiri food promotion.

As Authentic as it Gets

It’s enthralling, personally, to find the occasional restaurant that offers much more

Beer! Oh Beer!

It was a long time ago when I drank my first proper beer but I remember the experience so well that it might as well have been yesterday. “What’s a “proper” beer?” you mi...

Chocolate and White

Embassy Restaurant is the latest eatery to open its regal establishment to the gourmet enthusiasts of the city.

Halloween Schmalloween

You don't need to be a ghost or a ghoul or even dressed as one to indulge in these special Halloween themed drinks.

Spoilt for Choice

The Coffee Shop at Hotel Annapurna is a great place to observe the who's who of Kathmandu