The Smarter Entertainment Weekly

In a Green Getaway

This Dashain may have been soaking wet and something of a dampener as the clear skies and cool, crispy air came only after the big days were over

Summertime Delight

Amidst a sea of coffee shops in this age of inflation, it's hard to believe that Espresso Delight actually exists to offer a perfect avenue, for delicious sips

Cause It's That Good

If only we had more home based Chyang to have and be merry, the beer industry would certainly not be the same.

Temptation on a Plate

As the seasons change, Hyatt launches its new menu items celebrating the seasonal harvests with fresh flavors to try out. You'll be spoilt for choice. I know I was.

Games with Liquor

The return to alcohol from a hiatus can be a beautiful thing. And beautiful people, make that return that much better.

To be a Man

It's hard to say what a manly drink actually is? I never had any kind of revelation regarding this.

At Olive Garden

Olive Garden, a Mediterranean Restaurant in Hotel Radisson, gets a number of things done right. Whether it's the service or the food the restaurant takes pride


The cymbals are loud, always too loud. It’s a shame we can't do away with them after taking in all the raksi. But, it is Indrajatra after all.

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Sugar is the treacly treat that oozes out as you bite into the milky white yomari. Spice is the come-hither look that the bright colors of Newari food exude.

Go Home, Youre Drunk!

It is intelligent to mark limits for everything. And I learned this the hard way.

Flaming Red

Located in Durbar Marg, Red Carpet Restro and Bar lives up to its name

Half and Half

I’ve always wondered why pizzas are round. It's something to do with the way it's prepared by the chef in addition to being easier to cut out.

Getting Knocked Down

Have you ever walked to a liquor shop or a bar just to find out what kind of alcohol or spirit you are consuming? To know which is the strongest alcohol t

Moonlight Runaway

There couldn't be a better occasion than Gaijatra to narrate this story. Partly because it involves a jatra of sorts, and partly because it involves running like a cow.

Eat Your Cup

Cafes have this romantic vibe to them. People either seem to be working to achieve something or congregate to while their time away

Drink Your Apps Away

You say, you love apps! You say, you love getting drunk! I say, a few lines ahead can reveal your new favorite app.

Red Hot

You're first awed with the ambience - spacious and opulent. Then the food arrives in big servings of flavor and color.

Digging My Graveyard

This story is not about my death. Neither is it about a horror movie, although the title sounds like one.

Second Chances

Situated at the top floor of Situ Plaza, Madisons offers an impressive view courtesy of its alfresco dining concept.