The Smarter Entertainment Weekly

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

It's very easy to miss Casa De Cass especially since it's nestled along the alleyway at Harihar Bhawan.

Baptism with Asphalt

A night of heavy drinking, dodging the forbidden and ending up with a car tyre as your bedfellow cannot be a good sign.

A Meal to Remember

With authentic Italian flavors, a fine dining setting and genuine hospitality, dinner at Alfresco is a memorable experience that you’d want to return to.

Sharaab versus Sharafat

Before any preconceived notions kick in, let me make this absolutely clear-according to Al-Qur’an 5:90, intoxication of any kind has been abstained from Islam religion.

The Choice is Yours

If you want to flare up your day with a robust cup of coffee, Cafe Olla in Jamal is the place to be, where fresh and fragrant coffee is served with flavors to suit your taste and style.

What Not To Do

A list of things to avoid doing at a bar. Unless you want to piss off the bartender and face his wrath.

Under the Sun

Stories of almost mythic proportions have originated from Freak Street. Kathmandu's coolest street gained fame during the hippie days and continues to draw in the cool crowd

A Taste of America

Southern Comfort is a new addition in Jhamsikhel that brings you this chunk of America filling in the lack of authentic American eatery in town.

To Be Honest

When difficult times hit you at work, better bring out your A game.

With Sake

On the menu are not authentic Japanese flavors, instead expect westernized Japanese food. Hidden in an alley at Harihar Bhawan, Pulchowk, the trip can prove a bit confusing. But seek, and you will fin...

Locally Yours

A new eatery in Patan flaunts traditional dishes and international delicacies to cater to locals as well as expatriates in the area.

No Hunting in the Machaan

Gentle breeze escaping through the gaping corners of the lush garden situated immediately outside the timbered eatery provides a sense of calmness to the summer heat.

Peculiar Palates

A wide variety of non-veg dishes is a peculiarity of Newari cuisine. It is said that over 60 different items can be prepared from a buffalo alone. That means every part of a buffalo from its eyeballs...

Even Flow

It’s amazing how life takes a 360 and brings you back to where it all started. In near haze of spirit and trepidation, lies a poignant moment while others lie in bed.

Red Mud, Black Coffee

While the rain god showers his blessings on Kathmandu, don’t you feel like watching the rain batter cars outside as you sit somewhere comfy, sipping on a strong Americano? Well, RedMud Coffee at Thapa...

Hot in Town

Theirs’ is a run-of-the-mill; menu with routine fast food. What is noteworthy about it all is that they have squeezed some “freshness” into it, making it ‘Fast.Fresh.Food’ and it works wonders for the...

Coming Back to Life

One of my not-Newar friends asked me if I drink, when we were hanging out for the first time.

A Shot of Black Magic

On a short stop in Kathmandu, while on his way around Asia Pacific, we talk to Nicola Scognamiglio, Barista Trainer Junior, Illy Asia Pacific Branch, about the ideal Illy experience over a perfect sho...