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To Be Honest

When difficult times hit you at work, better bring out your A game.

With Sake

On the menu are not authentic Japanese flavors, instead expect westernized Japanese food. Hidden in an alley at Harihar Bhawan, Pulchowk, the trip can prove a bit confusing. But seek, and you will fin...

Locally Yours

A new eatery in Patan flaunts traditional dishes and international delicacies to cater to locals as well as expatriates in the area.

No Hunting in the Machaan

Gentle breeze escaping through the gaping corners of the lush garden situated immediately outside the timbered eatery provides a sense of calmness to the summer heat.

Peculiar Palates

A wide variety of non-veg dishes is a peculiarity of Newari cuisine. It is said that over 60 different items can be prepared from a buffalo alone. That means every part of a buffalo from its eyeballs...

Even Flow

It’s amazing how life takes a 360 and brings you back to where it all started. In near haze of spirit and trepidation, lies a poignant moment while others lie in bed.

Red Mud, Black Coffee

While the rain god showers his blessings on Kathmandu, don’t you feel like watching the rain batter cars outside as you sit somewhere comfy, sipping on a strong Americano? Well, RedMud Coffee at Thapa...

Hot in Town

Theirs’ is a run-of-the-mill; menu with routine fast food. What is noteworthy about it all is that they have squeezed some “freshness” into it, making it ‘Fast.Fresh.Food’ and it works wonders for the...

Coming Back to Life

One of my not-Newar friends asked me if I drink, when we were hanging out for the first time.

A Shot of Black Magic

On a short stop in Kathmandu, while on his way around Asia Pacific, we talk to Nicola Scognamiglio, Barista Trainer Junior, Illy Asia Pacific Branch, about the ideal Illy experience over a perfect sho...

A Brief History of Beer Part II

Following on from last week’s Brief History of Beer, we now find ourselves in pre-Christian Europe in the final years of the Roman Empire.

Kathmandu’s Custom Cake Makers

Cakes—a must have for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, special occasions of all sorts. Or for no reason at all, in fact! There’s nothing like a cake to turn even the most ordinary day or smallest a...

Mint In Your Water

More often than not, one is prone to waxing lyrical about Baber Mahal Revisited.

Back to the Mantras of Nature

With gorgeous indoor and outdoor seating options, Trisara specializes in offering healthy food and a friendly environment.

Instant and Can’t Go Wrong

Instant noodles have been a local crowd pleaser for a while now and its popularity has even seeped to the larger market of our southern neighbor and beyond. It is no surprise that these packaged insta...

A new face in town

In a short course of time, Faces, a relatively new party junction in Thamel, has earned a status of its own.

A Brief History of Beer

An ancient Egyptian laborer was entitled to receive two liters of beer a day in payment for work; while a civil servant received three liters and a temple priest five liters.

Shore time

A new kind of décor and two experimental chefs who bring unique tastes to the table is what makes Reef stand out among others.