With 8.96k subscribers on YouTube, Ramuna Pun is undoubtedly one of the most unique and loved YouTubers of Nepal.

“Four years ago, one summer evening, piled up in my sea of clothes, I mustered the courage to film a fashion lookbook video. At that time, being in front of the camera was extremely frightening as well as eerie. But with that one upload, a journey of being a free soul began. Irrespective of fear and exterior opinions, I began creating. For no one but myself.”, shares Ramuna who did her Bachelors in Arts and Media and then later, chose Fine Art as her major; because for her, it was the only medium that felt liberating from constricted tags of being defined as one or the other. She then embraced photography and video within her work but with a fine art approach- not to deem herself as a photographer or a videographer but as an artist.

When asked about what video making is for Ramuna, she says, “video making is a form of art for me. I see it as painting. I see it as conceptualizing. And good content is subjective. But for me, it’s something that carries a story, genuineness and is grounding.” Her videos although may seem quite dispersed, they carry the same principle, same message whether it's her poems, paintings, travel videos, self-love/ simple living videos or the most random car playlists videos. “In between our circadian exertions, there are so many overlooked corners, underlying moments and its messages in our life that go by unnoticed, unappreciated. To find beauty in mundane, in nature - even the one within us, to live freely, to be content with less ; these are the roots of my tree!”

As for the equipment, she uses very minimal (and slightly outdated) gadgets- Canon 60D with 50mm + 18-35mm lenses along with often use of iPhone 7 quite especially for travel vlogs. She also utilizes goPro 4 occasionally for underwater footage. ”I’d like to highlight a misconceived notion of “expensive gears = high quality result” mentality. Of course your equipment may enhance the overall feel of your work but without a strong base, it’s nothing. Always work on the foundation, your concept. And that comes from yourself not your gears!”, Ramuna adds.

Video contents that showcase poems and paintings about love, loss and life, tips on simple living/ appreciating little things in life, and travel videos that focus on the slowness of the journey than the destination are the kind of videos Ramuna has been producing and the subscribers will be getting more of these in the near future. She shares, “All of my videos have and will always come from a place of genuineness, based on my own findings and experiences. So I guess nothing will change. For a bit in the next couple of months, my subscribers will most likely be soaked in Nepali landscape and lifestyle. I've been very fortunate to have a close-knit supporter so far who have truly embraced me as an individual rather than just another channel on YouTube. So I guess it wouldn't be too selfish of me to expect the same love from my new subscribers.”