5 Five-Star Desserts

Hotel Hyatt

Hotel Hyatt definitely has one of the most creative desserts in this list. What they call the Monster’s Delight, it’s loud and exciting. It is bright pink, towers over the glass, and will definitely turn heads as it is walked over to your table, obnoxious and catching your eye. Resembling Dr. Frankenstein's monster, at first sight, Monster’s Delight looks like a crazy mixture of milkshake, sundae, pastry, and everything dessert. According to Chef Deepak Shrestha, it is a mixture of truffle, cheesecake, brownie waffles, marshmallows, chocolate biscuits, blondie blueberries, and berry shake with strawberry caramel sauce and chocolate sauce. You definitely need to be a monster to devour this dessert, and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t delight you.

Deepak Shrestha is a highly creative chef with more than 12 years of hospitality experience. He focuses on making the desserts with authenticity, with fresh and seasonal ingredients. For him, the best gift is the smile on the guests’ faces when they first catch sight of his treat.

Hotel Radisson

While most stick with the good old classics, Hotel Radisson is a little more daring, and puts a unique spin on a traditional dessert. The pastry shop at Hotel Radisson bakes a mouth-watering chocolate walnut pie, for example. Now, everyone’s heard of a walnut pie. It lies right up there with the rest of Grandma’s favorite recipes. But chocolate? It’s not exactly what comes to mind when someone asks what a traditional filling for pies is, but Radisson makes that work. This, along with the solid, buttery crust, makes this dessert irresistible to even the hardest-to-please taste bud. Pairing chocolates with its newly-found best friend, the walnut, the Chocolate Walnut Pie at Radisson Hotel is a must-try dessert.

Hotel Yak and Yeti

Yak and Yeti takes a Nepali spin on an Italian dish and serves the Tiramisu a la Nepal. Tiramisu is a traditional Italian dessert. It combines two of the good things in life, coffee and chocolate. Literally translated to “Cheer me up”, the tiramisu is a perfect comfort food when you do need a pick-me-up. It is made traditionally with ladyfinger biscuits dipped in coffee and layered with a mixture of mascarpone cheese, eggs, and sugar, and flavored with cocoa. Cool and scrumptious, the tiramisu is a dessert that will definitely have you wanting more. Chef Sagar Singh Rawat at Yak and Yeti puts a Nepali spin on the tiramisu by using chocolate soil and planting a Nepali basil tree on it, resembling a growing plant.

Hotel Shangri-La

Hotel Shangri-La does exactly what you would expect from a five star restaurant with their dessert. They take a traditional dish and turn it into a culinary masterpiece. The humble brownie has its roots in 19th century America, where, at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago, the brownie was invented to serve the needs of fine-dining socialites. After the initial introduction, the brownie has undergone a trip through time and the culinary world. Now, brownies are found everywhere, from amateur home kitchens to hipster coffee shops. A part of life in the United States of America, the brownie has been humbled and is found in lunch boxes everywhere in the world. At Shangri-La, however, Chef Rajkumar Adhikari takes the brownie back to its five star fine-dining roots. Served a la mode, with homemade strawberry ice cream and fresh strawberries, Shangri-La’s American brownie is the perfect relationship between homemade and gourmet.

Rajkumar Adhikari graduated in hotel management in 1988. He boasts an extensive CV, which would be impossible to list here. He has worked in the best kitchens around the world, from Abu Dhabi to the Maldives, and has worked in almost every five star hotel in Nepal as an executive chef. He boasts three decades of experience, and brings that to his cooking. Don't mistake him for an old horse with no new tricks, as his dishes often carry a modern spin.


African Peanut Pumpkin Crumble Pudding
The name sounds like a tongue-twisterin itself, but the real tongue twistingshall occur after you sample this dessert. Whether you like pumpkins as a veggieor not, you’ll        definitely love it after thisdish. This well-known medium sweet dessert has its roots it Africa, but now is quite popular around the world. A quite healthy dessert as it has very less fat in it, it’s not very sweet either, and so, you can eat quite a bit of it. And, the best part is, it’s quite easy to make and serve, which makes it easy to make it at home, as well. But, if you really want to know what African Peanut Pumpkin Crumble Pudding is all about, you’ll have to go to Soaltee.