The launch of a motorcycle need not always be a closed affair, it can be done by involving the masses


Bajaj Pulsar has been the leading motorbike brand in Nepal for the past decade. The brand has seven different models, all of which have been super successful in the market.

The launch of a new Pulsar always creates a buzz among the youth. To add to the excitement, Hansraj Hulaschand & Company, the sole distributorof Bajaj motorbikes in Nepal, made the recent launch of three variants of Pulsars truly a special affair.

Automobile launches in Nepal have a reputation of being a closed affair between distributors, notable buyers and the media. However, with Pulsar being a product for the masses, such a launch would not do justice to the bike. Therefore, the marketing team at Bajaj discussed possible ways to make the launch more engaging.

Punam Singh, the head of the Bajaj marketing team, suggested a concert for which passes would be distributed for free from Bajaj showrooms in Kathmandu. This idea instantly clicked with the entire team. However, the challenges of hosting a concert were substantial. Nevertheless, with the backing of Shekhar Golchha (Executive Director of Hansraj Hulaschand & Company), the unprecedented concert was on.

To match the reputation and status of Pulsar, the marketing team narrowed down the list of potential artists and bands that can be approached for the concert. Nepathya, which has been around for 25 years, was the obvious choice. The energy that Nepathya generate in their concerts also matched the drive that a Pulsar rider has. Arpan Sharma, director of Nepalaya (managing group of Nepathya), was receptive to the idea and arranged the dates.

The next challenge for Singh and her team was to find a venue to accommodate the hype of a Pulsar launch along with the energy of a Nepathya concert. With the recent earthquake, options for a safe venue were limited.

As the countdown to the concert started, DAV School was kind enough to provide its ground for the concert. To arrange a venue with a covered roof for an audience of over 3,500 people, considering the monsoon season, was impossible. Though there was a slight drizzle during the countdown to the concert, the rain held up and the concert went on uninterrupted.

The marketing team of Bajaj, who organized the reality TV show Pulsar Dare Venture, is also very daring in its own ways. As if the monumental task of organizing a concert without the help of an event management team was not enough, they also decided to take another gamble.

With the main stage given to Nepathya, the team decided to use hydraulics to lift the ramps on which the motorbikes were placed. The hydraulic ramp mechanism was always an uncertainty and the marketing team held their breaths when all went smoothly during the launch of the Pulsars during the interval of Nepathya’s performance.

Singh stated the way her team was unable to actually enjoy the first half of the concert because of the many things that could have gone wrong at this one-of-a-kind launch.

The marketing team considers the launch and the concert a huge success seeing. Singh described the way she received calls from all the Bajaj showrooms around the capital about the huge queues and crowds that had gathered outside the showrooms leading up to the concert. People were even ready to pay money for the ticket.

However, the marketing team had decided that making financial gain from the event was never the objective--making a lasting impression on the audience was. Therefore, all the passes were distributed for free!

The reaction was so tremendous that Bajaj had to actually circulate information that the passes had finished, to not to disappoint the crowd.

Singh also considers the event a success in the way it was organized. The marketing team had never hosted such a large event. However, with the help of the International Sound Services, who provided the audio system for the concert and the expertise of RJ Sanjay Gupta; the team was able to make the event a memorable affair.

Riding on the success of this event, Singh says that she was looking to organize such launches in the future also, but would wait for the right opportunity to do so. The next highly-anticipated project for the marketing team is the second season of ‘Dare Venture’.

The reality TV show was postponed considering the safety of the participants and production team. It would have been too risky and inappropriate to organize such a show after the earthquake and the numerous landslides that have occurred in the rural areas where the Dare Venture team do the majority of the shooting. However, they have targeted to start the second season of Dare Venture sometime in early 2016.