You don’t need a sensible excuse to visit Pokhara. Anything from a school-break to a heartbreak calls for a trip to the valley of lakes.

The magnificence of Pokhara is well-known. The view of the glorious mountain ranges and the astounding lakes stay on our minds long after a visit is over. So why not scour through it’s grandeur once again and discover the getaway in a different light?

Things to do
The scenic views that Pokhara offers is what makes it such an ideal tourist destination. The city is blessed with natural beauty, a bounty that includes the Mahendra cave, Davis Falls, Begnas and the astounding Fewa lake among a host of others. We suggest you try it all and a few others too.

Jumping off a cliff was never this exciting. Soar high in the blue sky as you paraglide above the valley.
This activity should top your list when planning a visit to Pokhara. The experience is exhilarating and one that we can’t suggest enough. There are quite a few paragliding companies in Pokhara so pick as you please.

This soothing activity requires a lot of patience. For amateurs, we suggest you take along a good book to read while you wait for what seems like an eternity to get a fish on your hook. Carry sunglasses, sunscreen lotion and a hat to protect yourself from Pokhara’s scorching sun.

There are quite a few shops around Lakeside that rent out fishing gear, so you need not bother bringing your own. Unless you really want to, that is. Else go neck-deep local and try catching fish with coke bottles, a fishing line, hooks and some fish food. Paame village is considered by locals to be the ideal fishing location.


Visiting museums
The International Mountain Museum is not to be missed. As the name suggests, the museum is dedicated to the mountains of Nepal and the mountaineers who climbed them. It showcases the history, culture, geology and the flora and fauna of the Himalayan region. A must-do when in the city, even Lonely Planet ranked it number 29 among the 90 things to do in Pokhara.


Travel the local way: Pokhara has a wonderful public transportation system. The buses that are available in every corner of the city are quite comfortable. There’s no need to feel squeamish about boarding the vehicles because, unlike Kathmandu, the buses there are quite airy and you will be able to find yourself a seat more often than not. Plus, the fares are pretty cheap; as little as Rs. 10 for one go.

Where to Stay
When it comes to staying in Pokhara, most instantly head towards Lakeside. And why wouldn’t they? It is the tourist hub of the city and convenient in every way. However, the commercialization of Lakeside has also brought a high living cost with it. Not that you are forbidden to indulge in the luxury of Lakeside if you wished it, but luxury doesn’t always have to be so expensive and so crowded.

One of the latest additions to the hotels of Pokhara is Samay Restaurant, a perfect destination for those seeking tranquility. !

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  • Opposite the busy Lakeside
  • How to get there: Once you reach Pokhara, you can take a cab from the airport or the bus station and head towards Paame village. As you follow the lake, you will enter Khaptaudi or ‘Happy Village’ through a welcome sign; Samay is right on the way. You can also drop in via boat.
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  • Rs. 750 nett per person (includes bed and breakfast)
  • You can visit the restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or better yet, make bookings for a weekend getaway.