Five reasons why you need to head out to The Last Resort this year

The Last Resort and their thrilling bungee jump and canyon swing have effectively been woven into the modern urban folklore of Kathmandu. We, after all, have either jumped off the 160-meter bridge ourselves, or have had a close friend or relative rave about it (and secretly wished that we had the cojones to jump as well). So much so, a jump into the Bhote Koshi has evolved as a modern day rite of passage of sorts; an eagerly awaited post-SLC ritual, or the first secret getaway with friends.

Adventure sports have been the bread and butter of the Nepali tourism industry. From the days of the early expeditions into the mountains or down rivers, to the modern day paragliders and zipliners, this country has always drawn people looking to push their limits (the beach bums can stay in Thailand!). To that end, The Last Resort has played its part. Since its inception in 1999, not only has the resort given tourists a new option to put on their Nepal-bucket-list, but has also seen unprecedented success in drawing domestic tourists as well. Only a handful of enterprises can boast of being game-changers. The Last Resort is one of them.

So if you’ve been mulling over a bungee jump, or wrestling with your fear of heights for a life time, make this year the year you conquer your fears. Here are five reasons why you need to head to The Last Resort this year:

1. Adventure Central
If it is adventure you are craving, look no further than The Last Resort. This Mecca for adrenaline seekers is the one-stop-shop for a wide range of adventure sports. The resort began their enterprise with the vertigo inducing bungee jump, consistently mentioned as one of the most thrilling in the world. The suspension bridge, off which the jumps are made, dangles 160 meters above the raging Bhote Koshi, affording jumpers a 3-4 second hair-raising free fall.

If that isn’t thrilling enough for you, try their popular canyon swing. Jumping off the same platform this plunge offers you a 6-7 second free fall, as you swing through the gorge at speeds of up to 150km/hr. But if your faint heart is holding you back, try the tandem swing. This fairly recent jump is done with a partner and can swing you at speeds of up to 160km/hr, with the additional bonus of sharing the scare with a friend or a loved one.
The resort also offers a wide range of other adventure sports including canyoning down precipitous waterfalls, rafting down the wild and unpredictable Bhote Koshi, a high-rope course filled with intrigue and dilemmas, hiking through pristine woodlands and, with prior arrangements, cycling excursions amidst the numerous trails that run off the resort.

With their wide variety of activities encapsulating a wide range of skills and motivation, there is something for everyone at The Last Resort.


2. Easy Accessibility
The Last Resort is conveniently located merely 100kms away from Kathmandu, making it an ideal one-day escapade away from the city. The three and a half hour commute to the resort is both serene and thrilling— as you hug the Sun Koshi and Bhote Koshi and snake up picturesque hills and death-defying drops and gorges. If you choose to make the commute in a personal vehicle, the trip lends itself to either car or motorbike excursions. Leaving the city after a brisk breakfast at dawn leaves you enough time to reach the resort by 10am when the day’s jumps and other adventures begin.

Alternatively, the resort also provides a shuttle service from Thamel at 6am every morning. The same bus will drive you back to Kathmandu in the evening.


3. Exotic and Luxurious Accommodation
If you are looking beyond just the adventure sports, Last Resort also offers a quiet and peaceful evening spent well under the stars, amidst cacophonous wilderness and a gurgling mountain river. All guests are housed in luxurious Safari tents that are deceivingly cozy and spacious. Set amidst a sprawling compound perched on the canyon, the tents can feel a world away once the resort’s activities settle down in the evening.

You can either stay in tents near the bridge and soak in the action from hammocks, or choose a slightly more remote location within the resort amidst dense and relaxing vegetation. The resort also has an in-house masseuse and a wide range of massage and ayurvedic therapies on offer. There is also a splash pool where you can soak away your worldly worries.

It might not have five-star amenities, but with a billion stars arching above you, you will not be complaining!

4. Crossroads of Cultures
Due to their ever-increasing popularity, The Last Resort attracts a wide array of people and adventurers from all over the world. Here it is not uncommon to break fast with a Nepali, lunch with an Australian, and then grab dinner with a Scandinavian. The adventure sports offered at the resort are nerve-racking and thus strangely disarming. Sharing the same adrenaline with another human being is a sure way of making fast friends. The ice is not merely broken at The Last Resort, it is shattered completely.

The dining is a buffet-style communal affair amidst candlelights and long tables, the perfect way to share your tales with friends and strangers. After dinner, unwind at their well-stocked bar and down some exotic cocktails in an exotic setting as you watch the night descend on the outlying hills and gorges.


5. Carpe Diem!
But most importantly, seize the day! Take your fears and your worries and throw them off the dangling bridge. A sizeable number of jumpers that come to The Last Resort arrive with the intention of conquering their fear of heights. There are those who vouch that throwing themselves off the daunting platform was one of the most liberating experiences of their lives, a letting go that they took back with them to their everyday lives.
So this year make sure you include The Last Resort in your plans. Their various packages are convenient, reasonably priced, and come with a lifetimes worth of bragging rights!
You can thank me later.


What: The Last Resort
Where: Naya Pul, Listikot, Sindupalanchowk. The Kathmandu office is located at Mandala Street, Thamel.
Cost: Varies widely with what you intend to do at the resort, but there are attractive and reasonable packages for each adventure.

What to bring with you: A lion heart. A good book. And all your fears and worries in a bundle (so you can haul it off the bridge).