Exploring Fewa-Rupa and Begnas Lakes
Almost 45 km / 5 h

Pokhara is the second largest tourist destination in Nepal, and one of its most beautiful cities. Situated 200 km west of the capital Kathmandu, Pokhara is referred to as the ‘city of seven lakes’. Enriched with natural and cultural heritages, it is a Shangri~La, truly a heaven on Earth that is famous for sightseeing and mountain views. Phewa Lake, Begnas Lake, Rupa Lake, Mahendra Cave, and Davis Falls are some of its major attractions. As many as 700,000 tourists from around the globe visit Pokhara every year. Nowadays, the concepts of eco-tourism and homestays are flourishing in Pokhara, and the mind blowing view of Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Fishtail gives anyone an amazing feeling. Pokhara is also a gateway to the world-famous trek known as The Annapurna Circuit.

Pokhara, already a famous paradise for tourists, is gradually gaining popularity as an attractive adventure sports destination. Paragliding, ultralight flight, rafting, honey hunting, and cycling (mountain biking) are already very popular in this valley. The recent introduction of the incredible zip-line and the breathtaking bungee have also created a new adventure market in the city. “Nowadays, Nepalis are more into adventure activities than tourists, and we have received overwhelming response from them,” says Dinesh Maharjan, Branch Manager, Highground Adventures Nepal Pvt. Ltd. 

Likewise, they have a program offering an exciting mountain biking experience to cycling enthusiasts of all age backgrounds. One of their short and sweet package programs, entitled "Happy Riding", comprises a complete six hours of biking covering 45km for mountain bikers. The 45km distance includes jungles, rough roads, monasteries, hills, and so on. Broadly speaking, it’s a way to explore the heart of Pokhara on trails rarely traveled by tourists. The wild and challenging trails offer some of the most stunning and spectacular scenic and cultural views.

The “Happy Riding" program begins early in the morning at around 6 a.m. The team gathers somewhere at Lakeside, from where the journey begins. The total distance of approximately 45 km, goes far into the depth of Pokhara valley, covering rural areas and the least-visited parts by tourists so far. The cycling distance is expected to be covered within six hours.

The beautifully designed cycling trails, starting from Lakeside, move ahead leaving the city behind slowly. The riders get the opportunity to take in the fresh mountain air and feast their eyes on the soothing natural beauties of rural life. The route goes from Lakeside to airport road- Mountain Museum – Dovilla – Bagmara - Lower Gagan Gauda - Raja Chautari - Bhimsen Hill – Phapretar - Rupa Lake - viewpoint for both Lake Begnas and Rupa Lake - Begnas Lake - Begnas bus station, and back to Lakeside.

The trail contains many picturesque sites that offer spectacular views best-suited for landscape photography. Riders can stop for breakfast at Raja Chautari, a place on the cycling trail that’s very suitable for relaxation as there are some local shops. From there, the route takes you to Rupa Lake, the third biggest lake in Pokhara, the least visited, and thus, the most pristine. It offers majestic natural views. After that comes some rough uphills and downhills, before reaching Begnas Lake on its opposite side, where you will find lovely rice fields. There is a view point on the way up,from where both the lakes can be seen clearly. Riders can spend some time there for taking a rest, and for clicking pictures. Then, the route goes to Begnas Lake, the second biggest lake in Pokhara, surrounded by green hills and forests. From there, riders can get back to Lakeside on a local bus (30-45 min), or cycle on, which should take about 1.5 h back to Lakeside, Pokhara.

Pre Ride Checklist
•    Check the wheel quick release levers.
•    Check or visually inspect the brakes.
•    Make sure the wheels move freely and whether they turn, or not.
•    Visually inspect the tyres and check the pressure.
•    Check the handset that connects the fork to the frame.

Riding Essentials
Cycling helmet, towel, waterbottle, general first aid kit, light change cloths, camera, proper shoes and socks, cycling gloves, cycling t-shirts, cycling half pants, cycling glasses, and some cash.