It's a name we have all heard, one that is intricately woven into our history and our sense of identity. Yet apart from -Social Studies books, it is a town seldom visited. This fall, take the road less travelled to a land from whence it all began.

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If there ever was an omphalos of the Nepali nation, an axis mundilouis vuitton pas cher, Gorkha would be it. Two and a half centuries ago, it was from here that a young king, with an impossible dream and fervent persistence, began a military campaign that would spread across the land in every direction,UGG sale eventually uniting scattered principalities into the single nation we know today.FiFA 15 Coins 


Yet this sleepy town, the headwaters of the nation’s modern history,UGG sale lies off the beaten tourist path. Domestic or otherwise. Four hours drive west of the capital on the Prithivi Highway, many a DSLR armed wanderer have whizzed past this hidden gem on their way to Manakamana, Pokhara, Bandipur, and beyond, without realizing that down this road less travelled awaits a hamlet of intrigue waiting to be fifa 15 coins


Gorkha is strategically placed. The 140km drive west from Kathmandu,cheap fifa 15 coins seems a lot shorter after you leave behind the meandering chaos of Naubise. Beyond that you are free to cruise at your leisure while hugging the Trishuli river and stopping at your favorite rest-stop either at Malekhu, Kurintar, or Mugling.
At Abu Khaireni, the road to Gorkha veers right and snakes through picturesque gorges that drop into the Marsyangdi and Daraudi rivers and tiny settlements simply named Dus-kilo, Eghara-kilo and the likes based on their distance.repliques de montres A short 30-minute drive from Abu Khaireni on a virtually empty highway leads you to ancient Gorkha Bazaar.

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Nestled at the base of the hill on which the iconic Gorkha Durbar stands, the bazaar welcomes you with cobbled streets that wind up to historic forts, flanked on either side by small stores flaunting local made khukuris and Dhaka. At the heart of the bazaar is the Tallo Kot (lower fort) a sprawling palatial complex that has been converted into a museum, housing weapons of yore and other artifacts from the conquest of Nepal. The museum has been excellently curated and tells a compact but detailed narrative of the Shah dynasty and their part in the shaping of modern Nepal.

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From here stone steps lead up to the Majh Kot (middle fort) which makes for a pleasant 40-50 minute hike overlooking vast and verdant vistas of pristine woodlands, dotted by ancient settlements. The road leads you past a dilapidated fort of Ram Shah and also the famous chautari (rest area) where he held court. The adage “Nyay Napaye Gorkha Janu” (“If you can’t find justice, go to Gorkha”) originated here and standing there in person makes for a surreal experience. Further up, the main palace of the Shah dynasty stands amidst the hustle and bustle of devotees thronging to the Kalika Temple and the Gorakhnath cave. This is the palace where Prithivi Narayan Shah was born, and the room that he was born in and other childhood artifacts have been meticulously preserved. Beyond, the road climbs up to the Uppalo Kot (Upper Fort) which is mostly ruins of the once look-out post. The fort might be in a sorry state of decay, but the views it affords is still breath-taking, offering up a panoramic view of the Himalayas stretching from Ganesh Himal to Machapuchhare and Annapurana.

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Gorkha is a treasure-trove, where travelers of every inclination are bound to find what they are looking for. For the history buff, this is ground zero; for the adventurous, numerous trails lead up to age old Gurung and Tamang villages or down to opulent farmlands by the river basins; for the family, a wonderful escape with ample educational and bonding experiences, or a silent retreat among green hills and glistening mountains for the loner soul-seekers.


Regardless of what you are looking for, you are bound to find it here. This fall Gorkha harkens your name!

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Where to Stay:
The tranquil Gorkha Gaun Resort. This idyllic resort is nestled on a hill just beyond Laxmi Bazaar, the last stop before the historic town of Gorkha. It lies in close proximity to the main bazaar to make it easily accessible, yet still far enough to make it pleasantly isolated. Truly a vacationer’s paradise, the Gorkha Gaun Resort has been built with tremendous care and detail and is based on the solid foundation of genuine hospitality. Their neat cottages are built of hand carved stone and red mud giving them a rustic appeal, yet are equipped with all the modern amenities that the modern traveler seeks. Idle here after a long-day of exploring as you sip a chilled brew and wolf down some delicious and passionately prepared delicacies, all the while looking over the panoramic vistas change with the passing light. While you are here, ask for the chef’s delectable fish and chips (the best this scribe has had in Nepal) or the innovative seasonal desserts. “Don’t ask me what is on the menu, ask me what is in the fridge,” he announces gleefully to every vacationer, eager to satisfy your particular palate, whatever it maybe.

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The Gorkha Gaun Resort also offers wonderful guided tours of the nearby villages, from where most of their employees are from, giving you an insider’s glance into the rural lifestyle that would otherwise be impossible just as a tourist. They also customize travel plans for you, if you would like, whether you are looking to explore historic Gorkha with a deeply knowledgeable local guide, or meander through the thick community forests soaking in the wilderness. You cannot go wrong with the Gorkha Gaun Resort, a tranquil paradise operated by genuinely hospitable staff, without any pretense or orientalizing cultural spoofs.

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How to Get There
Roughly 140km from Kathmandu, the trip to Gorkha makes for a pleasant ride in a private vehicle or a motorbike. If you head out after breakfast, you can easily make it here by lunch time. You can also catch public transportation from Kalanki for fares ranging from Rs.300 to Rs.400.

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What to Take
A hat and sunglasses to shade nike tn pas cher you on your hikes.
A DSLR camera to capture the historic air max pas cher and natural beauty of this diverse locale.
A set of binoculars for bird watching among the verdant hills. A pair of comfortable hiking shoes.

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Call 9801010557, 9801077602 or 9801084605 to make reservations and book a spot. Or visit for more information.