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To Tansen, via Pokhara

An emerging holiday destination, Tansen offers a relaxing respite from big city madness and a chance to absorb and appreciate Nepal's incredible natural beauty.

Gorkha Harkens

It's a name we have all heard, one that is intricately woven into our history and our sense of identity. Yet apart from -Social Studies books, it is a town seldom visited. This fall, take the road les...

A Sacred Countryside

Tucked in the Valley's southwestern corner is the medieval town of Pharping. It is a predominantly agrarian community, a vestige of Kathmandu's past that has remained largely unaffected by the capital...

Timeless Wonder

Kathmandu probably has the world's densest concentration of UNESCO World Heritage Sites when compared to places of a similar size.

Escape to a Monastery

It is no longer only a frisson of piety or a spiritual crisis that brings people to the doorsteps of places of worship.

The Shrine in the Clouds

Spectacular mountain scenery, snow, wildlife, and a quaint village. If these are the things you want in a destination

A Poets Lake

A dark figure in a dark boat is slowly pulling his net out from the inky waters.

A Day In Chitlang: A Historic Valley

Chitlang lies on the ancient route to Kathmandu valley. One can stand on this road and imagine how dozens of porters carried motor vehicles all the way to Kathmandu

Treading Khokana Farms

The pristine Newari village just off Bhaisepati is quite a relaxing walk, especially in winter. Get to explore tranquil post-harvest farms in a foggy morning and pull off a Ram Dev in peaceful picnic...

A Festive Splurge

Enhance your experience this holiday with a splurge on opulence and pamper your loved ones at these luxurious high end hotels. This holiday season should definitely bring you much more fun than expect...

To Get Over Sauraha

A serene lake in the Sal jungles of Chitwan is the perfect antidote to the kerfuffle of Sauraha.

Always Pokhara

You don't need a sensible excuse to visit Pokhara. Anything from a school-break to a heartbreak calls for a trip to the valley of lakes.

Back Routes to Seto Gumba

Ditch the metalled road and hike through corn fields on a steep hill to reach what has now become a popular getaway for many Kathmandu denizens.

Biking Jitpur Phedi Circuit

Now that monsoon's over, time to dust those sneakers and leave the comfort zone once again. We make a circuit trip to Jitpur Phedi

Up and Down the Hills

It was surprisingly bright and sunny on a monsoon morning when I set out for Thankot. I caught the micro bus at Sahid Gate

Gaul for Ghandruk

Trekking to Ghandruk is quite a feat of valor, especially for novice and occasional travellers who can take this as a rare bragging opportunity.

A Rewarding, Short Hike

Hiking out of the Kathmandu valley is a refreshing excursion and a much needed break from the daily grind.

Marooned in Jamacho

There is no sugarcoating this, so I'll just break it to you: hiking to Jamacho peak involves an ascent of almost 5 km on steep steps


Just a few kilometers away on the southern front of the valley stands the grand chain of Chandragiri hills. Unlike Shivapuri or Nagarkot