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A Rewarding, Short Hike

Hiking out of the Kathmandu valley is a refreshing excursion and a much needed break from the daily grind.

Marooned in Jamacho

There is no sugarcoating this, so I'll just break it to you: hiking to Jamacho peak involves an ascent of almost 5 km on steep steps


Just a few kilometers away on the southern front of the valley stands the grand chain of Chandragiri hills. Unlike Shivapuri or Nagarkot

A Northward Escapade

Shivapuri might sound like a distant place but it really isn’t. A half hour’s drive north from the bustle of Kathmandu is all it takes to reach this natural respite.

Where Architecture Meets Nature

Plan to visit Bandipur for a couple of days and you might end up staying there for a month. Though a small place, the peaceful respite is more than just a traditional Newari village.

Beyond Being Just Windy

You have heard of Jomsom but there is more to Jomsom than just its name. Fr!day brings to you a side of Jomsom that you never thought existed.