Annies is an ice cream café situated at the heart of Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur. Now we do have a lot of ice cream parlors in the valley, but Annies, she’s different, she’s a whole another breed. I say different, because Annies products are unique based on the quality, taste, and healthfulness.

Annies was founded just three years ago by Ankita Agarwal, also known as Annie. On questioning why she founded the ice cream café, Ankita says as she had traveled to a lot of places around the world, she had seen and tasted varieties of food, which inspired her to do something different back home. Annies is about not just feeding people, but feeding people correctly. The café is small and cozy, with a 100% vegetarian menu, and get this, they produce all the ingredients needed to make ice cream in their kitchen! Generally, ice creams are a total no-no while dieting, or for healthy eaters, but Annies ice creams are very much healthy, as no artificial ingredients are added.

Some of Annies specials are listed below:

1. Sundaes

2. Cake Dessert

Tasting like a fluffy chocolate cloud, it is a combination of vanilla and chocolate ice cream in layers of cake topped with chocolate fudge, nuts, and chocochips..

Fruit Jackpot

The perfect way to describe this sundae would be a flavor explosion inside the mouth. It’s also another combination of fresh fruit ice creams with fruit syrups and fresh fruits with a cherry on top.

Ice cream Sandwich

This creamy delight is vanilla ice cream layered between two cookies.

Shaved Ice cream

This ice cream cannot be found anywhere in the entire world besides Annies, says Ankita. Very healthy, containing fruits like mango and strawberry, along with sesame, chocolate, coffee, and green tea, it also has a lot of boba seeds. It’s like eating snowflakes in summer.

Chili Ice Cream (Ice’n’Spice)

Now this is bewildering. Who would’ve thought that people would get to eat ice cream made of chilies? This is really innovative, and it is also never found in other places in Nepal except at Annies. This was spicy, but not at the same time? I am still baffled. They also offer capsicum, carrot, pumpkin, and green tea flavor. I beg the valley dwellers to try this once in your life for enlightenment.

Other delicacies that Annies has are stick waffles, traditional waffles, brownies with ice cream, paan ice cream, sorbet, blackcurrant ice cream, bubble tea, kulfi, shakes, etc. The stick waffles (vanilla and Belgian chocolate) came on a barbeque stick, which helps to eat easily as eating traditional waffles can be a little messy and you can choose the toppings that suit you, and the brownies were made of in-house batter. Even paan leaves are added to the paan ice cream. Annies also offers sorbet, i.e. popsicles (water based ice creams), of titaura, kalakhatta, orange, litchi, and plum flavors. The titaura-flavored popsicles filled us with the sweet nostalgia of high school days. Annies is indeed a little treasure trove.