Hidden away like a gem in Bansbari, ARoundthE Corner is nothing like any restaurant before. Away from the hustle and bustle of the area,with the entrance through a nursery, it sits quietly tucked away, leaving you curious to explore.

The nature surrounding you re-energizes your soul. From the old tea bungalow window panels to a shabby gazebo, hand-me-down-looking furniture that is wrought iron mixed, the vibe isakin to visiting an old friend’s backyard, but one that has a fully stocked bar. With two beautiful big dogs running around, not interested in customers and just having a ball, it feels like home, and of course, they also have rabbits and birds!

SahajNathKhadka, the creative mind behind ARoundthE Corner, has the experience of working in a kitchen and bakery in Dubai and Malaysia. He is passionate about his space and his kitchen delivery. Starting this restaurant in 2016, targeting the local people of the area, including the expat community, he has been able to establish a pretty good network to keep him busy. With corporate events, wedding receptions, and musical shows held regularly, people have been flowing in and experiencing the quiet and serene environment most people in Kathmandu crave for.

With winter just ARoundthE Corner, and the season for jholmomo coming up, it is a must try. Having tried jholmomos in most popular places, I could not recommend the jholmomo more at ARoundthE Corner. Take a book or your laptop, whatever you prefer, a winter coat and a scarf, and enjoy your jholmomo. Then, enjoy a fresh pot of French Press coffee, and if you can’t wait that long, visit and enjoy the last of the summer sun in the greenery. Romanticize it.

Goring Kopang (stuffed chicken wings), an Indonesian dish, is an appetizer that stands out; it is a delicious little fun meal, and the kids would definitely enjoy the surprise inside. Then, we have the safe choice of grilled chicken with sautéed vegetables and fries. Really succulent and enjoyable with garden fresh veggies. One dish that is very popular everywhere now is Mustang Aalu, wedged potatoes, seasoned with red chili powder,Szechuan pepper (timur), and salt, and the most demanded item on the menu. Locals and expats enjoy these crispy wedged potatoes from the mountain region, especially Mustang, which gives it its name.

ARoundthE Corner is definitely a special place, with a beautifully laid out space where you can relax, enjoy the greenery, and have a delicious meal. It is opposite the Nepal Medical Council. Just follow the signs to get to this hidden gem.