Bringing You Appetizing Chinese Cuisine

Nirnaya Dangol

A most welcoming sight to any person  is, undoubtably,  the scrumptious  dishes of  Loulan. New, yet reputed amongst foriegners, Loulan is the all-in-one food spot, with its additional cafe and bar section.

Enter the bistro, located in Thamel, and you will instantly experience a drastic environment change, exiting the hustle and bustle of Thamel to enter a classy and well maintained  restaurant. Loulan's lighting gives a feeling of warmth and beauty, especially  when it reflects on the many chandeliers of the restaurant.

Loulan (‘jungle’ in Chinese) has tried to bring about a change in its decor in sync with its name. The aquarium and many small to medium-sized plants bring a faint jungle feeling to the restaurant, but it does’nt harm its stylish ambience. Looking at the menu,     one can't but be amazed to see such a variety of elaborate dishes to choose from.

Why would’nt one be amazed, when Loulan  has so many dishes to offer that are not easily found around the locality? Such as mussels with garlic sauce, a sea food dish that is rare in Nepali food chains. The savory taste of the mussels is sure to linger on any customer's palate for  a very long time. This is all thanks to the garlic sauce, which also gives a local flavor to this New Zealand dish.

If you are filled with a sudden craving for spicy fare, then the tasty beef is the go-to dish. It has a very strong aroma, and it is sure to excite your tastebuds to the maximum. If you are a fan of beef, but want to enjoy it without a lot of spice, then the restaurant will also offer that, on request. After all, Loulan seeks customer satisfaction. The beauty of the presentation of this dish is sure to attract you.

I would suggest those who order the tasty beef to order  fermented glutinous rice soup alongwith. After the spicy beef, something will be needed to soothe the tongue, and the rice soup has this very ability of calming your taste buds as well as your stomach. The soup is of moderate viscosity, sweet to the taste, and best when consumed lukewarm.

But, these are not the only reasons for going to Loulan. It offers much more, from rare dishes to Nepali fare, such as the local flavored lamb chops, hand-pulled Xiang Jiang noodles, braised spare ribs, etc. And, if your desire is to eat Chinese, then your meal is incomplete if you do not have a go at their hot pot, which  includes a clear, as well as spicy, soup. If it was hard seeking Chinese food in Nepal, Loulan has made it easier for you. It is, without doubt, a restaurant worthy of being the starting point to many people's Chinese cuisine journey.