More than a decade after its early 2008 opening in an artistic brick building, the Bricks Cafe is still going strong. Located in Kupondole, Bricks Cafe is a perfect little getaway experience. Entering this cafe instantly relaxes you as you take in the charming and cozy vibe with its kitschy table cloths, green surroundings, prayer flags and homey interior. The warm red brick walls are a unique element of the interior which inspired the aptly put restaurant’s name. The place can serve about 160 people at a time, with seating outdoors, on the terrace, and over two floors indoors.
The service here is really attentive, beginning with our host Dipesh Maharjan, Hotel and Restaurant Manager and Consultant of Bricks Cafe who was kind enough to greet us at the front door and walk us to our table. Maharjan has been working in the hospitality field for decades and his experience really shows.

My group began our dinner with a scrumptious fish and chips. Enough for two, the dish featured battered basa fish, deep fried and served with french fries and tartar sauce. “Our sauces are made locally with fresh ingredients and taste different from any other restaurants in town,” says Rag Oli, Executive Chef at Bricks Cafe. It was indeed true; the sauce, a mixture of mayonnaise, pickles and capers was flavorful and went very well with the fish and chips.
A grilled chicken leg topped with mushroom sauce and accompanied with vegetables and noodles was the next dish we tried—this from the menu of sizzling dishes. Both of us savored the dish which was sizzling hot and delectable. The chicken was nicely seasoned and fork tender, and the accompanying noodles and vegetables were creamy, crisp and added bright colors to the dish.
Another must try at this eatery is the wood fired pizza: they have a varied selection including smoked chicken, Hawaiian, jalapeno, Cheese King, and chicken tandoori to name just a few. We opted for the one at the top of the menu - Bricks Supreme. Featuring fish, bacon and chicken, the pizza also had tomato, bell pepper, black olive, fresh mushroom and onion ring toppings. “We have continuously worked towards providing the best taste with the best ingredients which is why a wood fired pizza is ideal,” says Dipesh Maharjan. A wood fired oven is a wonderful, traditional way to cook a pizza, imparting unique and smoky flavors that enhance the overall taste.
A great place to chill and dine with their multi-cuisine courses, refined and restrained; Bricks Cafe is certainly a place worth a visit for your next meal out.