Adapting local aesthetics, the restaurant serves good food in a very chilled out ambience. The name itself represents our local dialect, reminding you of the local village vibe; however, their menu includes all the popular dishes and a good space for the customers to relax and enjoy their meal. The restaurant is very spacious and designed like those local dhabas.

The bar is designed with bamboo sticks. It has a local design with a contemporary approach to it. They have some imported, but mostly local, alcohol lined up on the shelf. Chulo Chauka has really good reviews from the customers, as well. There is a little diary for the customers to write their feedbacks, which is filled with positive comments and feedbacks that the owner, Mr. Abinit Malla, takes very seriously and constantly uses to upgrade the place.

Décor and Vibe

The restaurant has a very local name, and the décor lives up to it. From the outside, Chulo Chauka has this very country-inspired vibe, the hay and bamboo roofing and the hanging lanterns gave me that rustic feeling of entering a local dhaba, which is something very different from all the other contemporary looking restaurants. The owner came up with the concept of incorporating the local elements; as you see the sign of Chulo Chauka, you will see the hay roofing supported by bamboo.

Entering the restaurant, you will see a very wide space, walls painted with red mud color, and furniture matching the ambience. It is a very thoughtfully put together place. The lanterns, spoon holders made up of bamboo, and Nepali brass utensils really reflect the theme they are going for. Comfortable seating and good service from the waiters are also factors that make this place special.


I tried Crispy Chicken with brown sauce, and it was truly delightful. Being a person who loves sweet and savory flavors, I really enjoyed my food. The chicken was crispy and had a smoky flavor to it, the taste was not very overwhelming, and along with the brown sauce, the chicken tasted really good. The sauce had a mild sweet taste to it that I really liked, as it went perfectly with the smokiness of the chicken. As I dipped my chicken into the sauce and took a bite, there was a blast of flavors in my mouth—the mild spice, sweetness, and smokiness really came together. Explained by the chef, the chicken had the classic spices: salt, pepper, and garlic paste, while the brown sauce had oyster sauce, corn flour, and the basic spices. The dish was very simple and easily prepared, but it was flavor town sweet and spicy with a bit of a limey zing to it. Overall, I really liked the food; it was light, had good flavors, and was simple.


Sous chef Santosh Chaudary, who has been working in the same field for six years now, explained how they always use fresh food and ingredients for their dishes. Elaborating on the dish I had (Crispy Chicken), the spices used were very simple, and he said that timing is very important while preparing a dish, and that’s how he achieved the smoky flavor.