Delicious Delights at Retox

Text by: Irtika Bajracharaya

Dark yet warm ambience by day, and disco lights by night, what else would you wish for clubbing, right? As soon as you enter, the mirror and mosaic wood decor will catch your attention.

As I walked up to the second floor of GR Complex, I really didn’t have any idea how food in a bar would actually 

taste like; to be honest, I didn’t have high expectations.  I entered the bar, and wow! Comfy sofas were arranged in perfect order, and Bhojpuri songs lightened up the bar. I turn my head and see a cute little stage with speakers and lights. This stage might seem lifeless during the day, but as the night darkens, the wildness boosts up. The sight utterly astounded me.  Bars are probably just for vodkas and letting your hair down at night, but some delicious food? Well, only few must have thought about that.

Totally unaware about the taste, but my impatient taste buds were dying to savor it. I first started off with a cup of coffee. Then came a hot plate of chicken nuggets. The aroma of hot nuggets suffused the environment. As I dipped them in the ketchup and placed them in my mouth, the scrumptious flavor enchanted me. The crispy texture is amazing, and it’s a must-have when you go there.

The dish which I personally fell in love with was their special, Chicken 69. It is made from egg and chicken, of course. I was looking forward to it looking good, but damn, it tasted amazing too! It was covered with red mild sweet sauce and seemed luscious. You take one bite, and the juiciness won't stop tantalizing your taste buds.  It tastes somewhat like C- momo, but much better! Oh, and don’t let its red color fool you, it isn’t chilly or spicy, but I guarantee you'll be obsessed with it like the way I was. Vodka and Chicken 69 can be a great combination while enjoying fantastic live performances at night.

Most of us are probably pizza freaks out here. Before you go anywhere for pizza, stop by Retox and taste their special barbecue pizza. The cheese pizza was so exquisitely enticing that I wanted to have it all by myself. Their fish with chips and crispy chicken burger are also must-tries. The crispy chicken burger may seem alien to you in the first try, but its texture and taste is quite good.

Retox was a complete delight for me, and it completely went beyond my expectations. Their food was absolutely delicious! So guys, don’t just go to bars at night for beer and champagne, having a meal in the day simply gives off a totally different aura. I recommend going there with a group so that you can share the joy of their food quality and quantity together.